11 Interesting Facts to Know About Estonia Before Visiting

Estonia is one of the Baltic states, which is quite popular among travelers. This European city has many things to explore, making it enjoyable and a must-visit for tourists. But before you plan for the trip to Estonia, make sure that you know everything about the city.

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It is necessary to know some interesting facts about Estonia before visiting this place. You must know all such things to gain some interest in this city. In this way, you can explore the city in a better way. In the following write-up, we will discuss some interesting facts about Estonia.

1. More Females Than Males

Source: theweek.in

In this country, you will find more females than males. If we talk about the ratio, then it is 100:84. There is a small island, the Northern Mariana Islands, in which the population is 15000. The percentage of males is less as compared to the females. Women of this city live longer than men. There is no European city with more women.

2. The Country is Best at Olympics

Estonia is well-known for its best performance in Olympics. Many players have won various medals and made the country proud. There are around seven countries with better strike rates, in which Estonia is one of them.

Every year, many tourists visit the place, and it is counted as one of the 51 countries with more tourists. Many people love to watch the performance of the players of Estonia at the Olympics. Therefore, they visit the country for them.

3. Less Population

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If we compare the population of Estonia with other countries, you will find that it is known for its most minor population. It is comparatively less crowded, and hence, there is so much space for people who want to stay there for a lifetime. Some countries like Sweden, Russia, etc., can beat the crowd of this city. The population density of this country is around 28.4 people per sq. km.

4. Explore Many Islands

Shockingly, Estonia consists of 2,222 islands, and you can explore the beauty of every place whenever you desire. But it does not mean that Estonia owns more islands than other countries. You must know that Finland and Britain are the countries that are leading Estonia. Many travelers do not know how much they can explore the city by visiting different islands.

5. Tragic History

Source: baltictimes.com

Many people know that the population of this country is relatively more minor. But there is a tragic history behind this fact that around 7.3% of the Estonia population got killed. It happened during World War II. Many people were forced to move to Soviet labor camps. There were some exceptions like Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia. More than 25% of the population suffered during World War II.

6. Free Transportation for Residents

Shockingly, the transportation facility for residents is entirely free. If you are a resident of Estonia, you can go anywhere without paying a single penny. But as a tourist, you have to pay minimal charges for transportation. The government has given so many benefits to its residents.

7. A place with Best World Heritages

Source: everything-everywhere.com

Estonia is known for its best world heritages. If you go to Tallinn, you can explore medieval architecture, which is breathtaking. Estonia and other European countries are also on the list with the best heritages.

Every year, many tourists come here to explore these places and connect with their intense history. There is a chain of triangulations that stretches to Norway from Hammerfest. It is the best way to measure the length of the meridian.

8. High Rate of Literacy

The people of Estonia are proud of the literacy rate in their country. There is a 99.8% literacy rate, which means almost all the adults are literate in this place. You will not feel awkward if you go there for the trip. Many other sites also exist that have higher literacy rates than Estonia. But it is pretty shocking in one of the Baltic states.

9. Online Voting

Source: brocku.ca

It is unique in Estonia that people elect a suitable candidate through online voting. They never step out of their home during elections. They need to enter their ID and vote online without any help. In this way, the population never misses voting for their candidate. This implementation was done in 2005.

10. Less Religious People

Only 11% of people are religious in the country that goes to church or other holy places. The population is a mixture of Indonesians, Americans, and Bangladeshis. You may not get enough churches in Estonia because many people never went there. It is okay if you are not religious and never go to church or another holy place.

11. Greenery

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It is one of the countries in the world with enough greenery. You will love to visit green plains and plateaus in the city. You can connect your soul to the freshness of the city. It is easy for anyone to stay longer in this country. You may extend the duration of your stay in Estonia due to its nature and scenic beauty.

The Bottom Line

Before planning the trip to Estonia, make sure that you know everything about this country. Many interesting facts about this place can attract you to visit here once in your lifetime. Make sure that you consider all the mentioned facts and prepare a list of places you want to see.

This place is unexplored, and every year, many people plan for a visit to find new and unique things. If you love traveling, Estonia is the best place to go with your family and friends. You may need a map to go through all the sites, and you can track your path to prevent getting lost somewhere.