Homework Every Day?


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Teachers should give students homework every day.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


One of my teachers often tells the class, “You need to do homework every day in order to learn as much as possible.” I could not disagree more with him. In fact, I believe that doing homework every day is counterproductive and can actually have negative effects on students.

The first reason I feel this way is that much of our daily homework is useless. It seems more like “busywork” the teachers give us because they feel obligated to give homework every day. For example, some math teachers assign the same kinds of math problems again and again as homework even though the students clearly understand the material. There is simply no need to continue training the students when they understand the lesson sufficiently. Anything more is overkill. These kinds of homework assignments do not teach students anything at all. If students will not learn anything from their homework, teachers should not assign it.

Too much homework can also make students dislike classes they otherwise would have liked. Students can often feel overburdened because teachers are giving homework to them every day in every class. With all of this homework, students get less eager to take the class itself. For instance, I really love science. However, one year, my science teacher gave us homework every day. Sometimes it helped us learn, but most of the time it was just busywork. I started hating science because of all the unnecessary homework I was getting. When a situation like this happens, students’ learning suffers.

Teachers should not assign homework every day. Their homework assignments often teach the students nothing new, and these assignments can also turn student opinion against a class. Almost all students would really appreciate it if teachers gave them a break from daily homework assignments.

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