How Much Does It Cost To Fix The LCD Screen On The Phone?

One of the main features of modern mobile devices is that they have large screens with exceptional quality. Different brands are competing by installing bigger LCD or AMOLED screens. Besides that, they are adding other innovations like curved screens, in-screen front cameras, in-screen touch sensors, foldable phones, and much more.

The main challenge related to all brands and models is related to the resistance and durability of the screen. Even though they are using the most advanced technology to add dust and damage resistance, chances are not so great that the screen will survive if the phone falls on the ground from your hands, especially on concrete or other sturdy surfaces.


This is a common issue today, and it is not a rare case that many people are using their phones with cracked or broken screens as long as they are still working. An even bigger problem is when the basic functions are not available anymore, which means that you will either have to replace the phone or take it to the service for a screen replacement. In case that you need a new screen for some of the most recent models of smartphones, check out rapidrefurb.

Keep in mind that the price of the repair can be quite different related to the model of the phone that needs a new screen. If you are having some older version, don’t be surprised if the replacement costs nearly the same as the value of your device. On the other hand, screens for some flagships can be very expensive as well. We are going to analyze more about the prices of screens in the following article.

Why Some Screens Are So Expensive?


The main factors that are affecting the higher price of the replacement are related to the brand, model, and additional features. For example, it is normal to expect a higher value of the screen for the most recent flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S 21, iPhone 13, or Mi 11 Ultra. There is an advanced technology used in the process of production, and these models are known for providing amazing characteristics and experience.

The thing is that LCD is already a thing of the past, while the most recent type used in most models is AMOLED, which represents an advanced version with an improved refresh rate and more colors. Another important feature is the number of nits on the screen, which is providing better brightness and visibility under open light. Therefore, the price for a replacement for new models can go over $300, depending on these factors. On the other side, if you have a mid-range device, you can expect the price to be around $100.


Moreover, before you decide to take your device to the service, the best option is to visit some websites where you can read more about the prices, and compare the replacement service price with the value of your model. As we already mentioned, it is quite possible that the value of new screen can be around the same value as your device in refurbished condition.

Also, there is no reason to rush and pick the first service you find since the difference in prices can be significant as well. The great solution can be to order the replacement part yourself, and then visit the service so you can pay only of the process of replacement.

Add Proper Protection


The best option is to add proper protection at the first moment when you start using your new device. We are aware that some phones might look very attractive, and that adding a large case can affect the appearance, but it could save you a lot of money that way.

In that matter, you should buy additional screen protection, which is not expensive. The average price for most models is around $20. Because the average value of the replacement is around $200, this represents a must-have addition to your device. Your smartphone can be much safer when you combine tempered glass and proper case.

Besides that, we can notice that many companies are now offering insurance for mobile devices. That is also a great option. If you had similar issues in the past, paying the additional $10 or $20 per month is a great solution so you can avoid bigger investments in case that you break your device.

The most common types of protection are plastic and tempered glass. Plastic was more common in previous years, and it was quite cheap. It is a great solution to protect the device from scratches, but it won’t secure the device in case of falls. On the other side, tempered glass offers a much higher level of protection since it can prevent damage if you drop the device, at least in some cases.

Unfortunately, dropping the device directly on a hard surface like concrete from a bigger height will most probably lead to some damage. If you are lucky enough, it will end only with several scratches or cracks that won’t affect the main functions. Still, keep in mind that these cracks can also expand over time.

The Bottom Line

The biggest problem related to phones lasts since the introduction of smartphones. Modern versions are focused only on screens, and the base of the phone doesn’t have much additional and empty space on the front side. Also, we have to mention that new models have several cameras on the back, which are getting bigger every year, which means that they require proper protection as well.

Breaking the camera lens might cost you even more than breaking the screen on the same device. Therefore, it is important to pay more attention and keep your device safe. Also, be sure to get the proper case so you can protect it from falling, scratches, dust, and other potential problems. Investing in the right case and screen protection should never be an issue since both of these products can be available for under $10.