How to Keep Your Heavy-Duty Equipment in Top Shape

Heavy-duty equipment is a thing from sci-fi movies, only it’s real. Back in the day having some of these machines and devices weren’t a reality. Today, we’re living that life. We are talking about that high-end equipment that can do all the heavy lifting almost on its own. While very durable it is not eternal and it can be damaged in the process. By now, you should know this. Another thing you probably know too is that it is expensive if you’re looking to buy a new piece.

This is often not an option, and it is the primary reason why the companies who use these machines take really good care of them. There’s no other way to ensure their longevity. If you don’t do this, you’ll either end up having to part money to buy new ones or go through costly repairs. Neither of these approaches is too wise. Instead, you should do things the other way around.

Maintenance is the key. This is the only way to ensure you don’t have your machines damaged, give them a longer lifespan, and avoid creating an additional cost to your business. Yes, maintaining them also costs money, but in the long run, you’re better off with this approach. So, let’s see how to keep your heavy-duty equipment in top shape. Keep reading, and you’ll see it’s no big deal if you know what you’re doing.

Clean it on a Regular Basis


We can’t stress enough how vital this is. A simple recipe but one that will always give results. Never skip cleaning sessions. When it comes to using heavy-duty machines, one thing is for sure, they’ll get exposed to various influences, both natural and unnatural.

We’re talking about mud, dust, dirt, or some types of chemicals, depending on your area of work. All of this combined or separate can make a lot of damage to your device. First of all, it can create physical damage, later it can cause issues with air vents or electric components, and with time it can cause corrosion and rust which will be the end of any machine.

Because of all this, it is vital to maintain machines regularly. It all starts with a little bit of old-fashioned cleaning. Pressure washing is the best way to do it, with utmost care not to get the wrong parts wet.

Hire Professionals

Yes, this could have been our first paragraph, but it fits just well here. You need a professional workforce, not only to run your machines but to maintain them too. The best way to have your heavy-duty equipment in the best shape possible is to have people trained to use them in the right places.

Trained operators will not only know how to get the best out of a machine, but they’ll also know when it’s time to rest, when it’s time to clean them, and when there’s a repair necessity in question.

In some cases, professionals will even know to do a little repair themselves, which can be a great advantage on the field. Half of the job in the maintaining department is already done if you have a reliable heavy-duty parts supplier and we’re sure that you can find help if you follow this link

Fluids Matter


Heavy-duty equipment doesn’t run only on fuel. No, there’s so much more. It’s not even the juice the heavy-Duty in the form of Dwayne Johnson was on in the G.I. Joe. It’s even more than that. If you want your machines to perform at their peak like Aaron Donald for Los Angeles Rams you need them to have using the best and the cleanest fluids and to make sure they’re regularly changed.

This is vital for their longevity, daily performances, and overall well-being. If you don’t have your eyes focused on fluids, your devices will suffer, underperform, and eventually break. In this department, it is essential that you’re on the same page with the manufacturer.

Not only that you need to put the right product in, but you also need to take good care of the quantities used. It’s not good to run low on fluids but at the same time you must not put in too much. The most essential fluid in every working machine is oil. You have it in the engine and the hydraulic parts of heavy-duty machines. Check it regularly, and you’ll have no issues in this domain.

Invest in a Storage

None of what we wrote above won’t be worth much if you don’t have a proper place where to store your equipment. This is as equally important as cleaning, proper usage, and amazing maintenance.

Once the work is done for the day, you need to have a place where to park your equipment. If it stays on the outside exposed to sun, wind rain, or snow, after long hours of work, it won’t bide well with its longevity.

This is why it is for the best that you have a place prepared for it to rest when not on duty. Even if you don’t have a warehouse or a garage prepared, covering them with sheets to keep them dry and away from outside influences would be a wise move.

Don’t Forget the Tires


This is a common misconception among heavy-duty equipment owners. When you talk to them about the maintenance of these machines they often tend to neglect the tires. This is not something that needs to be done. In fact, these machines must run on fine tires. A tire that’s not on par with the rest of the machine could jeopardize it.

Tires are a vital part of any machine. And while they’re built to last, they will also tire out with time (pun intended). This is why it’s essential to keep an eye on them, for the overall safety, and the better performance of your equipment.