What To Do If Your Tree Branches Are Touching The Power Lines

Maintaining your tree is a fairly simple task once you learn some basic things. However, we can definitely say that learning in this area never stops, because there is always a new dilemma and new obstacle that you need to overcome. For example, you may have to learn what the rules are when it comes to trees and power lines and what to do when you notice that your tree is starting to touch the power line. Proper handling in such situations can prevent injuries and ensure that no unwanted situations occur. If you want to learn what to do when your tree branches are touching the power lines, keep reading.

Is it Dangerous When Your Tree Branches Are Touching The Power Lines?

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First, we need to answer the question of whether the branches of the tree that touch the power lines pose a danger. And the answer is yes, this can be very dangerous, for several different reasons. The branches can cause a power outage, or the current can weaken every time the branch touches the power line. And during windy weather this can really be a problem. Also, electric sparks that can be formed can be transmitted to wood and ignite it, which can cause serious fires. However, this is not the worst. This current can be transmitted through trees and to people standing nearby causing serious injury.

When you see that there has been contact between the branches and the power line, it is important to avoid climbing the tree and pruning it, and you should warn your children about this too. If your children love to play around the tree and climb on it, it is crucial to remind them that they should never climb on a tree that is in any contact with the transmission line. Also, explain to them that this also applies to the trees near the power line, although they may not touch it directly. Due to the weight of the child, the branch can bend and come into contact with the transmission line, which can lead to serious consequences.

Why Is It Dangerous When Branches Are Touching The Power Line?

When the branches of a tree touch the power line the current is transmitted to the tree and passes through all the tissues, all the way to the ground. In such situations, it happens similarly to a lightning strike, and the consequences can be equally harmful. The current superheats moisture in the wood which leads to overheating and steam eruption which leads to breakage of branches, bark and can cause injuries to people in the environment. Not only is electricity transmitted through the wood to the ground, but anything that touches the wood or the ground around it will act as a conductor. It can also be a human being, so we suggest that, whenever you notice a tree touching a transmission line, move it to a safe distance and call professionals.

What Should You Do If Your Tree Branches Are Touching The Power Lines?

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The first thing that most people think of when they see their tree branches touching a transmission line is to climb a tree and simply trim those branches. Although it sounds like you might do, the truth is that this is a great danger and can lead to injuries and sometimes even fatal outcomes. The mildest thing that can happen is to cause a power outage all over the street, and the worst thing is to get electrocuted. The only sensible thing we advise you to do in these situations is to call in professionals. Only people who are trained in such situations will know what they need to do to solve the problem and prevent unwanted consequences.

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When Should You Call Professionals?

Of course, you don’t have to wait for the branches of your tree in the yard to come in contact with the power line to call in professionals to solve the problem. Instead, it is a good idea to, as soon as you notice that the tree is growing rapidly and getting closer to the transmission line, immediately take action and call a company that provides such tree services and ask them if they can help you. The same applies in situations when broken branches touch the transmission line or if the broken branch hangs from the transmission line. This can lead to power outages, so it is best to do something about it in time and prevent these consequences from happening.

When Should You Trim Your Trees?

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Another important thing to know is when you should prune a tree to make sure it is at a safe distance from the transmission line. For starters, keep in mind that tree branches should never come within 10 feet of the power line. In case the tree is at a distance of up to 50 feet, it is necessary to regularly (at least once a year) prune the tree and make sure that it does not get too close to the transmission line. Of course, if you suspect the branches are too close (even if they don’t touch the transmission line at all) it’s a good idea to call in professionals to check the situation and what should be done about it.


Regular tree maintenance is very important, especially if there is a power line near your home. Branches that touch the power line can cause power outages, but also pose a serious danger to anyone in the immediate vicinity. As soon as you notice that the branches of your tree have approached the transmission line, we suggest that you call in professionals who will take care of this for you. In case the branches are at a safe distance from the power line, but within 50 feet, it is vital to trim your trees regularly to ensure that they are far away and do not pose a danger.