How Do You Know if Your Pool Builder Is a Good One?

The idea and decision about the pool in the yard, brings happiness and excitement to the family. The very thought of your personal pool, peace and privacy, enjoyment at any time of the day, makes us rejoice and design us as a future source of pleasure. However, pool planning does not only mean aesthetics and a plan for deck chairs and umbrellas.

On the contrary, the construction of a swimming pool and everything related to it implies a serious engagement of professionals. We can set out our wishes, but consulting with architects and civil engineers is something that should not be skipped or bypassed. In the multitude of offers on the Internet, advertisements in newspapers, flyers in mailboxes, where the services of various construction teams are offered, how to choose the right one? It is good to stick to the following items, during the selection of the one we will hire.

1. Price


First and foremost, the contractor must initially say the approximate cost of building the pool. Of course, it is impossible to project costs in cents, but the approximate price must be said in advance. Do not enter into negotiations such as ‘we will agree’, ‘we will see’, ‘don’t worry’… Require a clear financial construction with exhaustively stated costs.

2. Deadline for completion of works

And this is a very important item. Insist on a reasonable deadline, when the works will be completed. Normally, both weather conditions and location conditions must be taken into account, which can be more difficult or easier. Complications and delays, sudden bad luck and unexpected difficulties are always possible.

But don’t let the stretching and procrastination go on indefinitely, because the contractor may have contracted several parallel jobs, so he’s rushing from construction site to construction site. Request a concluded and signed contract, which will specify the price, deadline for completion of works, as well as technical details about the pool, projection of costs for materials and the price of work.

3. Experience


Every serious company, agency, company or individual, today has its own site, where it promotes its work and its products. It should be the same with the entrepreneur you will hire. Find and check everything about the company, about the works they performed, look at the photos they posted and be sure to find out about the ratings given by clients.

If you want Melbourne pool builder who doesn’t have any testimonials or accomplished pool installations on website, avoid it. There may not be as many details that you can check online, so ask certain questions in your conversation with the pool builder.

4. Warranty

The guarantee is necessary and you must ask for it in writing form, stamped and signed. Don’t allow yourself to regret not doing it, if problems arise, which is always possible.

5. Insurance


Be sure to check that workers have valid insurance. This protects them and yourself from inspections and major troubles and costs that could subsequently arise if someone is injured at work and has no insurance.


So, to be satisfied with your pool and everything related to its construction, do not rush to get the work done as soon as possible and jump into the water. Go slowly and carefully step by step, consult with professional and experienced people, think about every detail. It is a sure way to the final feeling of beauty and comfort, relaxation and leisure, which you will surely have, if the pool is of good quality and well built.