3 Reasons to Seek Legal Help After a Construction Accident

Construction accident is a common term that covers injuries and damages caused while working on some building, repairing, cleaning, demolishing, and any other construction project that is performed at some facility. The people who are working on the buildings are always at risk, no matter how many protection measures they and their bosses have taken. They are usually elevated in the air, so they can work on the object, but also inhaling dangerous hazards from the materials and debris is also a type of construction accident.

We are sure the companies are doing everything for their employee’s general well-being, but there is always some risk, because this is a risky profession, and no injury should be unreported ever. That’s why the construction workers must have a lawyer who is professional in this field, like New York Construction Accident Lawyer.

So, if you were in a construction accident, you have some of these reasons to call your lawyer to represent you:

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  1. The injury resulted in bone fractures, muscle sprain, or other serious damage

Even if you break the bones of your fingers, you have a complete right to report that to the authorities. If that happened while working, you have to tell that to the hospital and your lawyer. You have a right to receive money equal to the associated costs, including the income while you are not able to work. Also, muscle and ligament sprains can stop you from being productive a few days or so, until you heal, and if you are paid per hour or day, your attorney will fight so you can get that money anyway.

Also, you can do this if you suffered burns, spinal injuries, brain trauma, or even mental trauma that may result in PTSD.

  1. They will guide you through the whole process

These people are experienced, and they have dealt with plenty of similar cases, so you can be sure they will represent you properly. They will help you understand the case, and of course, your rights and obligations, and they will guide you through the whole process, from the claim, lawsuit, or even in court if needed. They know the law and will know which step to take next since the whole thing can be pretty overwhelming if you want to deal with it alone. Also, the process will be faster, which can save you a lot of mental trauma.

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  1. You are fighting against a strong opponent

Many companies know how to skip these formal steps and offer some settlement to the injured employee, which is not even close to the value of what they’ve lost because of that. They know people and can stick you in legal loopholes, so in the end, you will be guilty that you got injured. To avoid that, always have an attorney on speed dial, to prevent situations like this.

So, now you have only three, but huge reasons to hire an attorney, even though the injury may seem minor to you. Keep in mind that if you don’t take that step, the company you work for won’t improve the conditions at all.