3 Reasons Why FIFA 21 Is Better Than PES 21

The age-old question football fans are asking is – is FIFA really better than PES? Many football fans have had the chance to test both games. And with FIFA 22 and eFootball (formerly PES) just around the corner, you can buy both games on the cheap.

But before you do that, make sure to read our short guide on why FIFA 21 is indeed better than PES 21.

Better Graphics

No doubt you’ve seen screenshots and gameplay of both games. And while both games look excellent, we have to mention that more people rate FIFA 21s’ graphics.

FIFA’s Frostbite engine outperforms the Unreal Engine 5 used by PES in their latest renditions of the football series. The reasons why that’s the case will surprise many.

Unreal Engine 5 is a very powerful engine that looks amazing. But FIFA looks better, has a better polish, and has better player models. One area of the graphics where PES outperforms FIFA is the way Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo look. It seems Konami put all of their player model budgets to make both players look stunning.

Img source: pexels.com

Better Gameplay

When it comes to comparing two games, the gameplay is a highly important factor that usually settles the score. And in a virtual match between both games, FIFA 21 comes out as the victor once again.

We’re all aware that EA messed up with FIFA 20. The game didn’t have poor gameplay but PES 20 was a monster when it comes to delivering a football experience.

That isn’t the case with FIFA 21 and PES 21. In short, FIFA’s gameplay this year feels like the “real deal”. It no longer has the cartoonish feel of FIFA 20 and makes up for past mistakes by improving the animations, tactics, and dribbling.

And that’s important when it comes to maintaining a professional scene. Pros work tirelessly to get the best players to play in their teams for an overall better experience. If that’s something you’re looking to do in FIFA 21, then we suggest you find cheap FIFA boosts to get the necessary credit to buy both Messi and Ronaldo.

Img source: pexels.com

Better Game Modes

There was once a time where Konami was the true inventor of the football series. With game modes such as “Become A Legend”, we all remember a time when PES was the game to own.

Nowadays, there is only one winner – and that isn’t PES 21. FIFA 21 constantly introduces new game modes for you to play. From FIFA Ultimate Team to VOLTA and Pro Clubs, there are dozens of game modes for you to play with your friends.

All of that offers endless fun and a pleasant experience for everyone. And most importantly, the buzz for some of these game modes isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


While we only based on why FIFA 21 is better than PES 21 by comparing three factors, these three factors are indeed the most important ones.

So if you’re at odds as to what game to get, the obvious winner in the 21 categories is FIFA.