Is it Better to Play Slots Fast or Slow?

Do you like to play different casino games? How about slots in particular? It is a common go-to game by people who prefer games that are based on pure luck and not skill, requiring minimal effort on your end. Sounds like your preferred gameplay? Your choice of the slot should not only depend on how fast or slow you play it, but it mostly depends on the RTP percentage. Keep on reading to understand how slots work.

How does a slot machine work?

Not every slot is the same. In fact, some have slow and others have a fast-paced intensity. The way you play and approach a slot will depend only on its Random Number Generator (RNG). Every slot has a chip installed during setup. The chip is called an EPROM. These two work together hand in hand to get the best-randomized gameplay for every individual. You will get more spinning reels, and a lot fewer chances to win. It is smart, precise, and impossible to trick, meaning that there are no hidden ways for you to win.

More info on RNG

RNG will always select a series of super random numbers, no matter the game you play online or in person. The generator doesn’t change its technique or approach at any given point. It stays the same for small and big jackpots, not being able to tell these two apart. The game starts and develops its playing pattern only after you press the spin button. Your chosen numbers will align only after the machine hits the stop and processes them.

Why play slot games at a slower pace?

Everyone has a different approach and style when it comes to playing slots. For some, a slow-paced slot might be better because of:

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  • Bankroll management

Slot games could be swift, but fast-paced ones are a bit harder to keep an eye out for, as well as your focus. Going for a speedy round and not being aware of how much you’re spending could be catastrophic for your bank account.

  • Just for the fun of it

Some players prefer to enjoy the visuals of a slot. There is a lot that one can soak in, admiring the beauty of different graphics. By going for a slower slot you get to experience all of its features!

Why fast-paced slots?

Slot players most times experience some excitement playing fast-paced slots. They get that adrenaline rush and love that boost of trying to keep up and pay close attention to all the details. Reasons why you may prefer them are:

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  • They are convenient

It is a fast-paced game, which means that you have to press a button over and over again and get a chance to win money in a matter of seconds. You can also play it in autoplay mode, making everything a lot more convenient.

  • You don’t question your choice

Sometimes, you might overthink your gameplay, and you can get deep inside your head for no reason. With a fast-paced game, you are constantly following your instinct. If you want to be on the go, this is way better for you!

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When is faster better for your tactic?

Oftentimes people believe that a faster tempo is better due to its unpredictable results. However, we believe that you may fancy a slow and steady wins the race approach a bit more. Why and how so? Well, for instance, if you play at a rate of approximately 80%, there is a good chance that you will not come out empty-handed. If you place $100 at stake and receive only $80 in return, you are still in the game. However, by not paying close attention and always hitting the spin button again and again, you are at risk of losing it all. If you can’t keep an eye out for your money and you are bad at stopping the process at random just know that a faster approach is not for you.

Try to slow down for a while and see how this turns out

Are you struggling to catch a winning streak? This happens all the time, especially to those who are playing in person. However, make sure that you have a strict budget in mind that you will stick to, making yourself look and feel responsible when playing. You should remind yourself that it is important to take a breather. Why not rest and rethink your approach? Meanwhile, the more confident and cool you are, the better it will turn out to be in the end. Rethink your game of choice, collect your thoughts and only then proceed to play with one out of the two different ways.

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Credit meter is also important for your focus

Most players slow down while seeing that their budget for gambling keeps on shrinking. Some games will not have this information written out (a cheeky trick), but will instead have a credit meter that shows the number of credits you have purchased with your money. If your math is already bad, to begin with, and you struggle to keep up when playing, make sure that you reconsider your chosen casino. In fact, you should look for an option of switching the value displayed on the screen. As a result, you will see the amount of money left on your deposit instead of abstract credits.

Where to have fun online?

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