Things Everyone Thinks While Playing Casino Games

There are certain feelings and thoughts we all experience at some point or another when visiting a casino. It could be the very first time you sit down at a slot machine, or the 100th time you hit the roulette table. Some feelings are universal and even humorous in their way sometimes.

Here are the most common thoughts that enter your mind whenever you’re at a casino, whether you are likely to admit it or not.

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Feeling like Tonight is Going to Be Your Lucky Night

Of course, the most pervasive idea that pops into anyone’s head when they enter a casino is that tonight or today is going to be their day. Perhaps it’s finally going to happen that they end up winning that jackpot that’s going to change their life.

Naturally, there’s no telling when this moment will happen. You might even convince yourself not to jinx it by thinking this thought. But it’s unavoidable, if you’re playing a game of chance, it’s against all logic that you won’t have the hopes of a favorable outcome.

Thinking You Can Affect the Outcome


One thing about casinos games is that they do range from games that you can’t win with any skill to games that you can actually strategize to win. For example, slots are a game that are based entirely on chance. It’s all about whether you hit a winning combination completely randomly. If you do, you win a prize, if not, it’s up to you to keep spinning or not.

The only way to affect the outcome in a game of chance is by choosing the game with the highest Return to Player rate around. In addition, to checking the pay table to ensure you’re betting per spin are sufficient for winning the jackpot. These are the only strategies that have ever or will ever work for slots.

As far as other games of chance like roulette and baccarat go, there are some amazing things you can do that will definitely affect your outcome. For example, certain betting strategies progress based on the outcome of your last round of the game.

Lastly, the games where you can absolutely apply certain skills for higher and more frequent wins. Namely, blackjack and poker, both of which are arguably games of skill more than luck. For obvious reasons, poker is in this category, because even with bad hands you can end up winning when you play them right. Additionally, in the game of blackjack, there’s a mathematically correct way to play that can greatly affect your wins.

Thinking It’s all Out of Your Hands


Contrary to the last point on this list, many people chalk casino games up as nothing more than harmless entertainment. For this reason, they will feel that there’s really nothing they can do to end up with a win. So, they play blindly, without taking the time to learn anything about the games they are playing.

The truth is, that knowledge is power. So, even if you’re playing a game based on nothing more than luck, you can still have something to gain from following good advice. For instance, there are tons of helpful websites that help people learn how to become better at poker. Or learn different roulette strategies.

Just check out and you’ll find a wide range of topics related to casinos and the games they offer. Many of which can actually help you pick better games and end up winning.Of course, for obvious reasons, most people can understand why getting better at games of skills would also mean bigger and better wins.

Feeling Like the Games are Rigged


In a sense, games at casinos are definitely not going to pay out more than they earn over time. Since casinos are still businesses that need to turn a profit. However, one thing that is simply not possible for legitimate, licensed and regulated online casinos, is rigging of any sort. Just like any other type of business, there are strict rules that casinos must follow, or they will lose their licensing. This is why it’s so important to be careful when playing online and choose only reputable casinos.

That being said, there are still certain things that casinos do to ensure they will make a profit, after all, is said and done. But transparency is the key difference here. For instance, every game comes with a house edge, which basically gives the casino a slight edge over the player. This is how they are able to pay out large amounts to winning players but still turn a profit as well.

Moreover, the house edge ranges from game to game, and even among different bets in the same game. Another reason to remain discerning about which games you play and learning as much as you can about the odds and payouts of different bets.

Thinking That Your Payout is Due


Of all the things on this list, the worst one is feeling that you’re bound to win soon because you’ve been playing the same game for a while. This idea is bad because it often leads players to continue playing well after they have surpassed their budget or time limits.

For instance, slots players and superstitious players have the hardest time with this. Slots players because they fall for fallacies like near wins. This is when a game comes close to producing a massive winning combination.

So, the player feels like they are getting “close” to hitting the jackpot. The truth is that no such thing exists. The symbols that come up in a game are purely based on random number generators. Therefore, you have the same odds of hitting a win whether it’s your first or your 1000th spin on the same game.


It’s easy to get sucked into certain ideas about casino games that can hinder your success. But as you can learn from the above, nothing beats understanding exactly how casino games work and playing in a way that makes you feel optimistic but still realistic enough to avoid disappointments.