What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship A Car Across The Country

Moving from one place to another is how us humans managed to explore and conquer the planet. Without being able and willing to continue moving forward in search of better things, we would hardly be where we are today, literally. In modern times, moving somewhere else to start a new life comes with a great deal of planning and sacrifice. Not everyone moves because they want to, but it is always better to do it out of a good reason than being forced to do it.

Picking up your life and going across the country is also a big deal because we want to take out stuff with us. Of course, it is not always possible to take everything nor should you take everything with you. Certain things are a must though. Hiring movers to help you with furniture, clothes, and electronics is one thing, but having to move something bigger like a whole car is another. Have you ever thought about how cars are shipped across the country? More importantly, do you know what the cheapest way to do it right now is?

This is a practice more common than you think as people need their car somewhere else all the time. One does not even need to fully move somewhere either. Spending a few months away on work is more than enough reason to have your personal vehicle there with you. If this is something you need from time to time or if you are moving across the country for good and want to ship your car there, this article will surely help you. Read on to learn more about how to do it the cheapest and be sure to click here for more info on car shipping carriers.

1. By a Car Carrier Trailers

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The most common way to ship a car over long distances is through car carrier trailers. Trucking is how most shipping is done in the world anyway, particularly on land, so why should shipping cars be any different? It is not always the most affordable solution particularly if you want it done door-to-door and enclosed, but it is still an option. Open air trailers are the cheapest of the bunch while enclosed trailers usually cost 60% more in comparison. The price varies based on the distance and the type of car. Shorter distances, up to 500 miles, are usually $1.5 per mile, which comes down to about $450 for 300 miles. This is not a lot when you think about the whole service and the hassle, but it is also not cheap. If the distances are longer, between 500 and 1,200 miles, the per-mile price is usually less at around $0.75. Anything over 1,200 miles is about $0.60 per mile. It is an easy and convenient way and there is insurance. You can also have multiple car transferred at once. However, it is open air so there is some risk of debris, rocks, and weather damaging the car(s). You can learn more about this type of service if you visit this site.

2. By a Train

Many train lines that run across the country specialize in shipping cars efficiently and safely. This form of shipment is also cheaper than road transfer on average, especially when compared to enclosed trailers. Trains are the cheapest for any form of travel and shipment anyway. They use less fuel, they are slower, and they do not require a few other cars in order to make the trip. A great thing about this form of shipping is that you are allowed to load your car with as much cargo as it can hold, saving money on shipping other belongings. This is how many people move because it makes much more financial sense. Trains also offer open or enclosed transport, just like truck trailers, but both are cheaper. The biggest downsides are extra costs, like those involving your car getting to and from the stations. You are also quite location dependent as there is not always a train terminal close to where you need to be. It is also the slowest way to ship a car.

3. By an Airplane

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Using the services of an air freighter would be the most expensive way to have your car shipped across the country. It hardly matters where it goes, if it is a few states over or coast to coast. You will have to pay at least 2 to 3 times more than what you would for other forms of transport. It is the quickest in theory, but it depends how close you are to a larger airport. Sometimes it takes as long as land transfer with a truck. It is a great solution for shipping overseas, but it is simply too expensive for across-the-country trips. Rare and expensive cars benefit most from this form of shipment as it is the safest and most luxurious. To put things into perspective, shipping a car by a plane sometimes costs more than buying another car.

4. By a Ship

Unless you are shipping it to Hawaii, there is no good reason to choose a ship. Freighters that carry large containers hardly ever traverse rivers, and it does not make much sense to wait months for it to go around the whole continent for your car to be delivered on the other coast. This is a good option to ship a car to another continent, like North America to Europe, Asia, Africa, or Australia, but not within the country. It is a safe method, an affordable one, and a commonly used one. However, for cross-country shipment it would be better to choose a trailer or a train.

5. Have it Driven

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Drive away auto transport services deal with car shipments in quite a peculiar way. They operate by having the customers’ car driven by trained divers to their destination. The driver picks the car up and drives it wherever it needs to go. Although not that popular or common for personal vehicles, it is used from time to time by people who for some reason cannot go through with other forms of shipping. This is a service usually reserved for travel trailers, larger trucks, and RV’s. It is fast, door-to-door, and it allows transportation of other personal stuff in the trunk and the backseats, but it is also more expensive than trucks and it causes wear and tear on the car due to a long single trip.