[Review] Ace the IELTS – A super thin book with many tips for General Training

Books for IELTS Academic are many, but you can only find a few brochures for IELTS General Training online.

I heard that everyone is talking about the divine Ace the IELTS, so you are curious about this book, huh? Let Wiki Study English help you review briefly about this book!

What is Ace the IELTS?

The author of the book is Simone Braverman – the owner of a famous blog for IELTS test takers: https://www.ielts-blog.com/

She has two books released to this point:

  • Book number 1 is the IELTS Target 7, written for the IELTS Academic exam
  • Book No. 2 is Ace the IELTS written for the IELTS General Training exam

It is obvious that the Ace the IELTS book is for those who are going to take the IELTS General Training exam, right.

What does this book bring you?


The first thing that surprised me with this book was that it was super thin – only about 100 pages. Anyone who reads quickly and concentrates a bit, reads an hour should probably end this book.

The second thing I’m surprised is that this book is 100% about IELTS tips for all 3 skills. It can be considered as a pocket mini-book, or it can be considered as an IELTS handbook, because the book content is mainly about Tips and tactics for the IELTS General Training test, without the burden of providing. knowledge like other books.

 What you have learned from this book is:

  • The strategy of listening correctly, catching words and completing the fastest Listening skills
  • Quick reading tips: Scan, Skim Text, find main keywords
  • There are specific tactics for each type of difficult questions such as Matching Heading, Multiple Choices ….
  • A reasonable way to divide your time for IELTS Writing
  • How to build article layout, find ideas for speech.
  • Tips to avoid common mistakes, Trap is included in the test.

You can read the book and order it here. Because pdf books are gradually not being shared ‘wildly’ online, I do not want to download pdf links.

Wiki Study English’s review of the book

  • Read for fun, expand knowledge but I do not think it is true to its promise of ‘How to maximize your score’. So what? My opinion is that IELTS is a real exam, so I like books that bring real content value, lots of practical exercises, and provide the right strategies and methods for studying. , sort of logical information…. like that. However, the Ace the IELTS as I said before is 100% full of tips and test theories. I think it is just extra knowledge
  • The book is too theoretical. Even if the tips are to do the homework, it is necessary to go along with the practical exercises to prove the tips are correct. However, this book completely lacks examples to prove.
    You can find many better books compiled by yourself here, lots of knowledge, countless exercises.

Download Link of the book

Download Free Trial      Ace the IELTS ebook with Bonus
Hopefully, the small reviews above help you visualize more about this book and can decide whether to buy the book or not depending on your needs.

Wish you happy learning.