Detailed Review of the book – IELTS WRITING Recent Actual Tests

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Today I will review IELTS Writing Recent Actual Tests, a book that may not be popular but extremely useful for those who are struggling with Writing.

This book is suitable for those who are acquainted with IELTS Writing, or those who are in the process of learning can also use it. In particular, unlike other IELTS books, books written in Vietnamese, are easy to understand, presented clearly and logically. Now let me take a closer look at this book.


Chapter 1 – Learn about IELTS WRITING: In this chapter, you will learn from AZ the essentials for writing a high-score Writing essay, the most serious and common mistakes, and the book will also help. you devise a study plan to prepare for the exam.

Chapter 2 – Words that make up a good essay: You will learn sentence structures, words and phrases that are “expensive”, not lengthy but full of meaning, great way to score Lexical resource criteria.

Chapter 3 – Essay Writing for Task 2: This chapter goes into the main types of writing and the writing strategies of each type in Task 2. In addition, the book will also add 48 focus topics, covering good topics. At the top of the Writing exam, the book will also outline the steps for solving each problem, along with a sample highlighting the vocabulary and structure you need to learn!

Chapter 4 – How to write a chart description article for Task 1: The special thing about this book is that it does not follow the shape of the chart (circle, column, line, etc.) like other books but follow the state of the information (dynamic – changes over time, static – no time, combined). In my opinion this is a very good chart analysis, helping to avoid confusion when doing exercises.

Chapter 5 – How to write to Task 1 of General Training: For those of you who take the General Training exam, this is definitely the part that can’t be ignored. Rest assured that the book will provide any way of “dealing” with the types of requests for a letter.

The biggest minus point of this book is probably not the exercises for you to practice. In return, the book offers a large number of good exercises, vocabulary and grammatical structure, a completely reliable source for you to refer to sample papers and learn new words.

Above, I have reviewed this great writing book. 

Now you can free download book “IELTS WRITING Recent Actual Tests” below link here: Download