Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS: A very good IELTS vocabulary book to use

The time you immerse yourself in learning vocabulary is not like a honeymoon, you absolutely NO attraction to it.

However, no honeymoon is boring forever, and it is time for you to give yourself the opportunity to learn vocabulary in the freshest, most comfortable possible.

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS is a series of books that promise to spice up your “vocabulary tree” journey, so that you can learn that vocabulary is no longer a reluctance, in contrast to being voluntary.

In this article, I will introduce two versions of the very famous Cambridge Vocabulary series, you can choose the book that suits your level:

  • One is: Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS (Regular version)
  • Two: Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced (More advanced, more difficult version)

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS book

  • Subjects suitable:

First, let’s see what the target audience the author is about this book is.

Okay, according to what the quotations in the introduction are clear: The book is suitable for self-study IELTS students who want to expand their vocabulary. You may be a beginner to learn about IELTS, or have been and want to raise your band score (however, make sure you have a decent background first).

  • Highlights of the book

First: The book is written by a team of experts working in Cambridge → the quality and prestige of the book will not make you feel disappointed

Second: What the publisher is committed to is: The book will provide all the necessary vocabulary for the IELTS test, the Test to practice and of course, extremely useful tips and tips for you. easier when doing exercises, overcome the “trap” questions in the test.

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS

  • Content of the book

If you look at the Map of the Book at a glance, we can easily see that the book is divided into 25 Units, spread evenly for 4 skills, namely:

* Each Unit will focus on providing vocabulary related to a topic and practice exercises with a certain skill. For example Unit 4, you will learn vocabulary about Lifestyle topics and reinforcement exercises will be Listening Section 2 skills.

* Vocabulary will be skillfully integrated into sentences, conversations, accompanied by practice exercises → We can learn and memorize very easily.

One of the most interesting parts of the book is how the author gives small warnings about the mistakes we encounter, and then provides useful tips on how to learn vocabulary for yourself. most accurate → All are beautifully presented and easy to see.

* Finally, the book will provide learners with a Test, synthesizing the vocabulary knowledge learned from Unit 21-25 so that we can memorize and practice it again. At the same time, you can check all the vocabulary in the book in the Wordlist at the end of the book.

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Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced

This can be considered a more advanced version of the previous book, and of course the user and the difficulty level of this book must also be different.

Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced
Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced
  • Subjects suitable:

This book is for 6.0 band members who want more advanced vocabulary to help them conquer higher scores.

  • Content of the book

Although it still divides the entire knowledge content into 25 Units, each unit goes into a common topic in the IELTS test, but the difference lies in:

* The last 4 Units will focus on 4 separate skills, with a separate vocabulary lesson, along with good collocations. → This is absolutely essential for the IELTS Speaking and IELTS Writing tests.

* Each unit will have 10 harder exercises in different types of questions: Matching Heading, Fill the Gap, …. incorporating thematic vocabulary → Learners will be easier to get used to and improve their practice skills greatly.

* At the end of the book is still the Wordlist, the words are of the “merchant” scale, IELTS band 7.0+ should be the only ones who have the basic vocabulary to be able to pursue the vocabulary in this book.

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  • Conclusion

That’s it, the two books are done, please take a look at your current level, you can easily start one, quickly download and learn gradually. These are the 2 best vocabulary books that many recommend.