Rick Rigsby Net Worth – 2024


You’ve probably seen or heard about the famous video “Lesson from a Third Grade Dropout.” If yes, you must be familiar with Dr. Rick Rigsby. He is one of the most motivational speakers today, inspiring people to pursue their ambitions. But other than that, what do you know about him? Rick’s work has inspired and touched the lives of top entertainers and athletes, like DeShaun Watson, Lionel Richie, and Chris Pat. Isn’t it shocking?

To learn more about Rick, his biography, key accomplishments, and net worth. Keep reading.

About Rick Rigsby

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Dr. Rick Rigsby is the President and CEO of Rick Rigsby Communications and a best-selling author for USA Today, Amazon, and The Wall Street Journal. He is the Founder of Impact Family Ministries and a motivational speaker. As a distinguished professor, he also taught students at Texas A&M University. Rick has combined four decades of expertise for his podcast- How Ya Livin’. This podcast inspires people, challenges them and encourages them to achieve the impossible.

Early Life And Family

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Rick Rigsby is a native of San Francisco, California and was born in 1962. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications in 1987 from CSU-Chico. Soon after, Rick did his Master’s with a Public Communications degree. Later, he received his PhD from the University of Oregon.

With his wife Janet Butcher and their four children, he presently resides in Dallas, Texas. Trina Williams, his first wife, died of breast cancer in 1996, leaving him with two children. Rick recalls his father as a cook who dropped out of school in third grade yet was the wisest man he had ever met.

Career And Major Milestones

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Rigsby started his career at Texas A&M as an Assistant Professor, where he taught Speech Communication. He won an outstanding teaching award from the university’s College of Liberal Art. Rick worked there for 14 years and then moved to Texas. He then started working as a motivational speaker and offered corporate coaching on his own.

He was recognized by CSU-CHico as an alumnus honoree in 2000. Before his graduate school, Rick spent nearly a decade as a reporter and anchor at KHSL-TV, the CBS affiliate in Chico. He also got an award for journalism. Rick received the Outstanding Faculty Award from the Executive Vice President and Provost at Texas A&M.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Rick Rigsby

Rick Rigsby expresses gratitude to his father for instilling in him the idea of ‘execute the basics,’ which he learned at the age of ten. This is the reason why he speaks so exceptionally.

His first wife, Trina Williams, was Rick’s college sweetheart, and when she died, Rick’s father gave him the most profound lesson and said, “Son, just stand!”

Rick learned from his Aunts and Uncles that his father didn’t receive his wisdom from anybody else but himself as he grew older. Rick now believes himself to be a result of his father’s legacy.

Net Worth Of Rick Rigsby

Rick Rigsby’s net worth is estimated to be 3 million dollars, including his assets, money, and income. His primary source of income comes from his work as a motivational speaker and his career as an Author.