How to Ship a Car Across Country Quickly and Safely

Car safety is important. But, we’re not only talking about when you won a car, and when you’re driving it. No, we are also talking about the car’s safety when you’re trying to transport it. If you need to do this you probably asked yourself how to ship a car across the country quickly and safely? This is a fair question, and the answers we’ll provide will be mannered in the same fashion. While you’ll find our text helpful, don’ think that the whole ordeal isn’t going to be stressful.

It will probably be, as you have plenty to take care of. But, by following our direction you’ll at least ensure that it is less complicated than it needs to be. What’s important to know, is that regardless of the starting point and the location of the delivery it can be done. We live in a world where transporting reached new heights, and you’ll be grateful for it. There are plenty of options on how to do it, and our focus will be on those that we find the most viable options for the average person who needs his vehicle transported from point A to point B. Let’s start.

How Many Options Are There?


You’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of options to choose from. We’re not going to put a number on it. But, you need to be wise when selecting between various car shipping companies. The first thing you need to know is that despite having plenty of options at your disposal, most of them are pricey. So, it is necessary to choose the best available option that will offer what you need, but at a fair price. The option you’ll most likely choose, includes hiring a car shipping company. This is the easiest way, it doesn’t cost too much, it’s tried out, and it provides the safety and security required for this type of endeavor. A company that excels in this domain will carry your car from California to Pennsylvania in no time. While this should be your first option, it’s not the only one.

Consider All Options

As we already said, hiring professionals adept in vehicle transportation is not your only option, but it is the best one. We’re not going to argue that. What we’re going to tell you is that there are other options and you owe it to yourself to check them out. Committing to a car shipping company straight out is not a bad thing per se. But, what else you can do? You could do plenty. For one, you could take your car for a ride. Yes, that’s right, you can do it yourself. This is not a standard DIY task, but plenty of people handle this themselves regardless of the distance that needs to be covered. Of course, this requires you to invest in fuel, and spend your time driving around which can be dreadful and tiring, and if you’re not into cross-country travels we don’t recommend this. Many things can happen on the road, and for some of them, you can’t get insurance. Better be safe than sorry. So, while considering all options should be something you must do, we hope that it will lead you to our first option. Hiring a professional should be the course of action you’re going to take. It’s the right option, and nothing about it should scare you. To cast any doubts you might have, let’s see how these companies operate.

How do Vehicle Transportation Companies work?


It all starts with a good organization. If you’re already hiring someone, you’d be better off going forward with a reputable company. When you meet an enterprise like that, you’ll see that their network of operations is well spread across the country. This means they’ll have plenty of starting spots to take your vehicle on, and also a fleet of carriers at their disposal for all types of vehicles. What this guarantee is that your cargo will reach the destination in no time on an already established route. The best part is that you’ll be dealing with people who ship cars for a living, and that should be enough of a guarantee that your car is in good hands. Thanks to the recent spike in technology development you’ll probably be able to follow your cargo on the map, to check out how far it came, and how much is left to the destination. We’re not even going to mention that some companies allow direct lines of communication with their drivers so you’ll be able to get a report from the spot.

Will It Take Long?

This is a good question, and most people who left their vehicles to shipping companies ask the same one. Of course, it all depends on the location where you’ll be sending your car, and how far away it is. What you should know is that the carriers that take cars across the country cover somewhere between 500 and 700 miles a day. This is enough info to help you calculate the amount of time it will take for your car to reach the destination. Of course, most companies will do the calculus for you and give you a report which will not be precise to a minute or even an hour but close enough for you to feel safe. There are just too many factors that influence the time of arrivals such as traffic or the weight of the entire cargo.

Upon Arrival?


There are a few things left to do upon arrival. The most important one is to check up on your car. While these companies take good care of their cargo, damage can still happen. It is up to you to ensure if the car has arrived in the same condition that it left the port. To be safe and sound, you’re advised to have a report from your mechanic before sending your car across the country and to make exterior and interior videos before the shipment. This is how you’ll have proof of any damage that might happen during the transport. You need to know that the company will do the same, as they’ll want to ensure their interests too.