4 Little Signs Your House Has a Foundation Problem

Even though homeowners understand the importance of regular maintenance of their property is, in some cases, they tend to ignore telltale signs that something is wrong. Yes, sometimes, these can seem insignificant, and it can be difficult to imagine the magnitude of problems they can cause.

However, there are some signs you should not ignore. In the following article, we will discuss the most common ones, so let’s get started.

Cracks in walls

This is the most obvious sign that there is a foundation problem and that you need to address it. Soil movements are a natural occurrence, and clearly, you cannot do anything to prevent them. Nevertheless, when these occur, the foundation of your house is on the first line, and over time, it becomes unstable. Obviously, this can endanger the whole structure, which is why if you notice that the number of cracks is continuously increasing, you need to act. According to Level Tech Foundation Repair Of Alexandria, pofessionals can provide you with several services, which is why you should look for Foundation Repair Alexandria, LA companies if you live in the area.

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Gaps around windows and doors

Furthermore, as the soil on your property shift, so does your house. Besides the cracks we discussed above, gaps around the windows and doors also occur. No, these won’t happen overnight, but instead, it is a process that can take a lot of time. It is why people don’t notice them at first. But, the truth is that these can cause several major issues in the future if not taken care of. First of all, the structure of the house will be jeopardized. What’s more, these will also increase the humidity and moisture in your home. As you surely know, this will make your living space a breeding ground for mold, which can not only be difficult to eliminate but can also pose a danger to your health.

Uneven walls

Okay, we know that it is impossible to notice that the walls are uneven until the damage is significant. Still, there is a telltale sign that may indicate this issue. Yes, we are talking about the shelves and cabinets. If you see that these are not as firmly attached as they used to be or notice small gaps between counters, you should inspect the foundation. Although it may appear to be insignificant at first, it is a red flag you are facing a potential issue, and you should employ professionals to repair the foundation damage as soon as possible.

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Unpleasant odor in the basement

We have already mentioned that mold and mildew can occur due to the cracks and gaps around the windows. Even if you don’t appear to face this problem, you should regularly inspect your basement for unpleasant odors. Sometimes, these can grow in the crawlspace and spread from there. If this is the case, you need to have the foundation repairs done immediately, but things can also get worse from that point on if you do nothing.