Speaking Well vs. Writing Well


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Speaking well is more important than writing well.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


In the past, people considered writing an important art. While it is still valued today, it is not the most crucial skill people require. Instead, speaking well is more vital than writing well.

For one, our everyday lives are based more upon speaking skills rather than writing skills. Today, people have practically stopped communicating with each other through the written word. Almost nobody sends letters anymore. And, when people use email, they write casually with many misspellings, abbreviations, and improper grammar, instead, people communicate with others face to face, on the telephone, or by video conferencing. Therefore, they must be able to speak well to convince others of their points. In my case, I have taken a couple of speech classes to improve my communicative abilities. They have helped tremendously. Now I am better able to tell people what I think and why I think that way.

The majority of jobs available nowadays also require good speaking skills. In the past, many jobs were in agriculture or were blue-collar jobs. That is not true today. More jobs are white-color service sector ones. Without good social skills, people will simply not be able to do their jobs well. My cousin is a concierge at a local hotel. He must communicate with the hotel’s guests daily. He needs to make sure he offends no one and helps everyone as much as he can. My uncle is a salesman. Without good communicative skills, he would never sell any products. As jobs like these increase, so will the need for good speaking skills.

Today, good speaking skills are more important than good writing skills. People speak more often than they write in everyday life, and numerous jobs require people to have good interpersonal skills. Therefore, everybody should try to improve their speaking skills.