9 Practical Ways to Start Working on Your Personal Development

The significance of personality development has tremendously grown in the past few years. Be it for your job or first date, people started to prefer a strong personality over many other things. There are even organizations that train people for personality development. Not everyone is born with a strong personality. Some people grow up to develop impressive personalities, while a few others stay introverted and reserved. Not that introverts and reserved people can’t succeed in their professional life. But a strong personality reflects your attitude and confidence. That is why employers started checking for personality and preferring someone with a strong personality.

However, you don’t have to pay lakhs to reach that level of confidence. You can make certain changes in your lifestyle on your own to witness the growth for yourself. This article guides you through such practical tips to transform your life and personality to shape it the way you like and become the best version of yourself. Without any further ado, let’s quickly jump into the article to start your personality development session right away.

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With the growing demand for personality development, various training institutes surfaced in every city in the past decade alone. It takes a certified institute and professional trainer to bring the results for you. However, there are other free sources like videos, podcasts, and blogs to train with the same level of quality. Why pour your money somewhere when you can get it all for free. Chainlesslife is one such quality source for your personality development. There are very few such quality sources. If you wish to grow, Chainlesslife is your path to success.

Tips for working on your personality development

1. Do not self-doubt

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Self-doubt isn’t going to take you anywhere. If you put one step forward, self-doubt drags you three steps backward. It pushes you into an abyss of low confidence, lack of self-esteem, and hesitancy. Hence, you cannot make any progress despite putting in enough effort. Attempting to change and develop with self-doubt in mind is itself a big blunder.

Hence, if you are confused and skeptical about your growth, stop thinking about it. Enjoy the process, and you will see the results.

2. Accept your imperfections

The first step to change is accepting and acknowledging yourself for who you are. Do not get disheartened with your imperfections. Learn to embrace them and evolve over your dislike for yourself.

Only if you are willing to accept yourself, you should start working towards shaping yourself to make everyone else accept you. Hence, train your brain not to be dull and under-confident about your imperfections. They make you who you are. Otherwise, you are just like anyone else.

3. Grow your confidence

Confidence is extremely crucial to keep you going. You will lose it sometimes in between the process. But, it’s ok. Try building it back. Self-control mechanisms and positive affirmations work very well in building your confidence levels. Initially, confidence for anyone is very low. But as you grow and develop your skills along the path, you will find a tremendous increase in your confidence level automatically.

4. Learn from your mistakes

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Do you commit mistakes? Don’t worry, everyone else does that too. Don’t stop your process for committing mistakes because you can always learn from your mistakes. In fact, mistakes are the stepping stones to success.

If you commit a mistake once again, stop and observe it. Think about it and analyze what led you to such a situation. Also, what can you do about it, and how can you change it? Can you learn something from it? If yes, what is it? These help you in making mature decisions in the future, which is a part of your esteemed personality.

5. Self-evaluation

Self-evaluation is extremely significant in analyzing your personality traits. What are the positive points and your strengths? What are your weaknesses, and how do you overcome them? All these can be understood with self-evaluation. No one can understand you better than yourself. Hence, self-evaluation is the best way to gauge your process.

6. Build networks and socialize more

Are you hesitant to talk to people? Are you introverted? Well, come out of your comfort zone. Great things in your life begin to happen only if you are willing to grow out of your comfort zone. Try self-control mechanisms. Positive affirmations and confidence-building exercises too help you come out and socialize with people easily.

If you are still hesitant, try your new tactics and engage more with your near ones first. Then ask your friends or family members to introduce you to their near ones. Attend social events and practice being confident, and reach out to people. It can be anxious and pressuring in the beginning. But you will learn along the way.

7. Be courageous

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Never lose the courage in you. Fear is the first step to failure. Don’t stop your practice or attempts just because you are afraid of something. Your best version is waiting to conquer your fear. So, don’t stop doing what you are doing and keep evolving with time and practice.

8. Enjoy the process

Don’t do all these just for the sake of results like a job, a perfect date, or something similar. This is not an exam, and you are not going to get a medal for anything. But, you will surely get an even more precious reward for all the attempts, that is your best version of yourself. What else would you seek in life? So, stop worrying about everything else and start enjoying the process.

9. Don’t be disheartened

Do you not see the results? Maybe you are in a hurry. Great things take time. Do not get disheartened if you don’t see instant results. It will take time, but it will surely take you to your destination. Keep trying, and do not pause. You have to be consistent and committed all along your process to not let the progress fall back. So, remember not to get disappointed in yourself.


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People usually assume personality development to be a tough task. Some even assume that strong personalities are inherent traits and they cannot be trained. Both of these perceptions are wrong. Human beings are capable of developing any traits and talents with practice. You just need to believe in yourself and have confidence in your process.

Put your genuine efforts, stick to the process, and stay consistent to see the results for yourself. You may not notice the changes initially, but eventually, the success will become yours. Personality development takes time. If you attend an interview before and after, you will be astonished to observe the changes in you.