How To Fix Diagonal Cracks On Your Home Foundation

Even the best constructed and reinforced foundations are no guarantee that the building will not crack if the problem is in the ground. Soil displacement occurs for several reasons. This can happen due to earthquakes, landslides – but also other factors that affect the movement of the soil. Still, in the end, it creates a … Read more

5 Types Of Foundation Cracks Every Homeowner Should Know

Foundation cracks appear in a wide range of shapes and widths. These cracks are common in the first year of new construction, especially near windows, corners of walls or floors, and in longer sections of the foundation. A majority of them are caused by foundation unsettling and are usually not a reason for alarm. If … Read more

How to Know if Your House has Foundation Problems

The understructure of the home is what holds everything together, and if there are any difficulties with the main substratum, there is going to be trouble with the whole house. In case there are issues with the structure, you need to act as soon as possible, consult a reparation service, and get this fixed before … Read more