How to Know if Your House has Foundation Problems

The understructure of the home is what holds everything together, and if there are any difficulties with the main substratum, there is going to be trouble with the whole house. In case there are issues with the structure, you need to act as soon as possible, consult a reparation service, and get this fixed before it is too late. In this article, we will tell you how to know if your house has foundation problems. Keep on reading to be able to notice the warning signs, and to avoid spending too much money or jeopardize the wellbeing of your family.

You can notice the cracks

When you have issues with the base of your home, the first thing that you are going to notice are the cracks. These cracks can be really small, and you may just see lines going inside or outside the house. In some cases, these lines can become wider and bigger, and you may even see a separation or the bricks and the material inside the walls.

Remember you should be looking both at the interior and the exterior and even if you notice the smallest line or tiniest crack, you should get the foundation checked.

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The wood is rotten

This may not seem like a problem with the substratum of the home, but in reality, another huge sign that there is something wrong is rotten wood. This can include the beams, the pier, or even the hatchways and casements.

Make sure you check all the wooden surfaces in your home and inspect to see if there’s anything wrong with them. As we mentioned before, this may not always be a sign that there is a difficulty with the base, so services like Foundation Repair Tallahassee FL suggest that you should get a free estimate and check to see what the real problem is.

The substratum is sinking

If you notice that the substratum of your home is sinking, or there are signs of separation, you need to consult with the experts as soon as possible. This will pose a major issue with the safety of everyone who is on the property, and even though most of the time you will be safe to live there, you should not risk it.

According to Tallahassee Foundation Repair, the professionals can help you find good and permanent solutions, and they can help you find the best way forward to tackle this issue and anything else.

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Gaps or loose space

Lastly, you should always be checking your hatchways and casements. If you notice that they are separating from the walls, and if there is loose space and gaps between them and the walls, chances are, there is an issue with the main structure of the home.

Note that the opposite may occur as well, and you may notice that the frames of your windows are getting bent, or that your doors may be getting stuck. The cause of this is usually the foundation, and it can be one of the first signs that it’s sinking.

All of these problems are easily fixed, and you will only need to restore the foundation. Find the right service, and know it’s better to tackle the problem now than to risk permanent damage.