Vocabulary Practice 14: Pronouns and determiners

Vocabulary Practice 14: Pronouns and determiners Exercise 1: Complete these sentences with an appropriate pronoun or determiner (e.g., his, which, there, itself, etc.). You will need to use some pronouns / determiners more than once. 1. The team arrived in Cairo, and from ________________ set out across the desert in a southwesterly direction. 2. Students … Read more

Vocabulary Practise 10: Opposites (Adjectives)

Vocabulary Practise: Opposites (Adjectives) *Note: If you need the answer keys, please comment below to let us know and we will send it to you. If you have any concerns, please comment below! Exercise 1: Replace the adjectives in bold in sentences 1 – 28 with a word or expression from the box which has an … Read more


 VOCABULARY ON TOPIC FOR TOEFL IBT 9: University Education A warning – local variations This list of vocabulary comes from the British educational system. Different countries and cultures frequently use their own terminology. For instance, in American English it is quite possible to describe university as “college” or “school”. These words mean something quite different … Read more

ENERGY Type of Energy Clean energy: Energy that does not create pollution Wind turbines: Modern windmills used to create power from the wind Solar panels: The implement used to create solar energy Solar energy: Energy from the sun Fossil fuels: A collective term for coal petrol and gas Natural resources: For example water, coal and … Read more