Why So Many Kids Are Fascinated With Dinosaur Toys?

For decades, children are obsessed with these toys which are sometimes strange to their parents. They are fascinated by dinosaur toys, their room is decorated with dinosaur posters and they can’t stop watching movies about them. The source of this dinosaur obsession is not clear to many. Dinosaurs are big, unusual, dangerous, scary and exciting. … Read more

Cow Milk vs Goat Milk: The Difference

According to the Center for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC’s) national Maternal Practices in Infant Nutrition and Care (MPINC) survey into maternity care practices that affects how babies are fed in 2017, the percentage of breastfed infants supplemented with infant formula before 2 days of age was 19.2%. This is an increase of 2.3% from … Read more