Vocabulary Practice 11: Phrasal Verb 1

Vocabulary Practice 11: Phrasal Verb 1 Phrasal verbs are very common in English, and should be learnt like any other item of English vocabulary. In the TOEFL, they are tested in the Listening Comprehension section, and appear frequently in other parts of the test. Exercise 1:In the following sentences, choose the correct verb in bold … Read more

Speaking Practise 2: Phrases for Both Tasks 3 and 4

Speaking Practise 2: Phrases for Both Tasks 3 and 4 Task 3: Naming the source: According to [the announcement/student/professor]. The [text/student/professor] says that. The [text/student/professor] states that. (for reporting facts, not opinions) In the text, we saw that. In the [lecture/conversation], we heard that.. From the [reading/lecture], we know that. (for a definite fact) As … Read more

Vocabulary Practise 10: Opposites (Adjectives)

Vocabulary Practise: Opposites (Adjectives) *Note: If you need the answer keys, please comment below to let us know and we will send it to you. If you have any concerns, please comment below! Exercise 1: Replace the adjectives in bold in sentences 1 – 28 with a word or expression from the box which has an … Read more


ENVIRONMENT Environmental problems Green (issues): A very common synonym for “environmental” Global warming : An example of man’s effect on the environment The greenhouse effect: Connected to global warming The natural world Deforestation: Cutting down forests Rainforests : A useful example when discussing environmental problems The Environment An ecosystem: The system where plants and animals … Read more