Vocabulary pracitse 6: Idioms and colloquialisms 4

Idioms and colloquialisms 4 Exercise 1:Choose the correct underlined word to complete each of the idioms in bold. The meaning of each idiom is in brackets after the sentence: 1. You shouldn’t try to burn the match / lighter / candle at both ends; you’ll exhaust yourself. (to get up early in the morning and … Read more

Vocabulary on topic for TOEFL IBT: Immigration

IMMIGRATION The key words for describing immigration are immigrant – the person immigrate – the verb immigration – the idea Note that immigrants (people who enter a country) are also emigrants (people who leave a country) and also migrants. 1.Some common word combinations Illegal immigrants:¬†people who enter a country illegally Economic migrants:¬† people who move … Read more

Vocabulary on topic for TOEFL IBT 4: Climate Change

CLIMATE CHANGE 0.Talking about the size of the problem Crisis: Climate change is a crisis that cannot be ignored by governments. Record levels/amount: Despite the claims of some scientists, we are now producing record levels of CO2 and there is no dispute about the connection between this and global warming. Disaster/disastrous: It is not an … Read more