What Happens When you Don’t Brush Your Teeth Correctly

Ever since we are small children, we are taught by our parents that dental hygiene is a must, and we need to brush our teeth if we want to avoid pain, problems and if we want to have a perfect smile. We are supposed to do this every day, at least twice per day, however, we’ve all been guilty of skipping this once or twice.

When we don’t brush our teeth every day or several times per day, we tend not to notice any difference for at least some time. That can easily trick us to believe that chewing gums can replace them, or that if we just spend 30 seconds moving the brush around in our mouths would make everything okay.

Not cleaning your teeth properly is as bad as not brushing them at all, and here, we are going to tell you what happens when you don’t brush your teeth correctly. Keep on reading to find out what it means to have proper dental hygiene and what you can do to make sure that your smile stays perfect for years and decades.

You will start getting cavities

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When you don’t brush your teeth properly, the first thing that is bound to happen is cavities. They happen for a number of reasons, and sometimes you cannot prevent them, but if you take proper dental hygiene, you can definitely delay them and minimize the problem.

When you let bacteria gather in your mouth, it is going to cause your tooth enamel to break down, and this will lead to other problems like your teeth breaking, root canals, and you will need to go through a lot of pain and complex dental procedures until you can get your smile in order. Know that even one small thing will make a huge impact, and it is always better to do everything you can to prevent or delay this.

You may experience tooth loss

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Once your enamel starts breaking down, and once you start getting plaque, it is pretty difficult to reverse this issue. Even if you don’t get cavities, it does not mean that your teeth are okay. They may easily break and get damaged, and if you don’t react right away, you risk losing your teeth.

It may just start with one tooth, and if you have a good dentist, they might be able to help out and keep your tooth, but there are going to be cases where nothing can be done. You will need to deal with implants, and no matter how amazing they are, they are never going to be as good as your natural teeth.

On websites like mybridgewaterdentist.com, you can see that the right professionals can help you deal with any potential issues that have happened because of poor dental hygiene and they can help you restore your smile.

Your gums may start getting inflamed

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In some cases, you will not experience problems directly with your teeth, but you will experience issues with your gums. They can easily get inflamed when there are too many bacteria in your mouth, and when you don’t properly clean the plaque and the food leftovers.

Know that having gum problems can be extremely painful, and you will need to go through a lot to get that taken care of. You may experience bleeding and swollen gums, and in some cases, you may even experience dental abscesses.

Everyone who’s had this issue knows that it affects not only your mouth but your mental state as well. You will have to be extremely careful not to swallow the pus that may have formed around your teeth, and you will need to get it regularly cleaned if you don’t want to make thins worse. There are a lot of other types of gum diseases that can happen if you don’t wash your teeth properly.

You will have a bad breath

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All of these things, including cavities, gum inflammation, and even tooth loss are going to lead to bad breath. Remember that when you don’t brush your teeth right, you are going to let bacteria multiply in your mouth, and you can even have food leftovers in between your teeth.

These things are going to make a huge difference and with time you are going to develop a bad breath. You may not be able to sense your breath because you will get used to it, but people around you will get well aware of this.

If you don’t want to get in uncomfortable social situations and if you don’t want your friendships and relationships to be affected in a negative way, then you need to have good dental hygiene.

You may start experiencing health issues

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Many people believe that when they don’t take proper care of their teeth, they are only going to experience issues with their mouths, but in reality, these things could lead to so many other problems in the long run. You are going to be at a higher risk of developing heart and kidney issues as well as ulcers, diabetes, and even some types of cancer.

Note that women who are pregnant and who don’t pay attention to their dental hygiene are more likely to experience complications during their pregnancy, and they are at higher risk of losing the fetus.

Even though these things may not make sense and you may think that if you don’t clean your teeth properly the worst thing that could happen is a cavity or some form of inflammation on your gums, in reality, there are so many worse things that can happen. You can talk to your dentist about these things, how they happen, why, and how you can prevent this by taking proper care of yourself.

Remember that learning how to do this is not going to take too much time, and it is all about practice. There are many things that affect the whole process, and you need to also change the brush regularly and use good toothpaste. Talk to your specialist or your GP, ask them for recommendations and guidance when it comes to this. By making the change now, you are going to help yourself for years and decades to come.