How to Deal With Chronic Foot and Ankle pain – 2024 Guide

If one injury disrupts the balance of your whole body then it is this one. The ankle is a joint that is used the most because we use it whenever we step on our feet. Activities may vary but the usage is constant. When having an injury in this region of your body you can’t really function properly and that is why is important to treat those areas as fast as you can so you don’t suffer much. If there is pain or slight discomfort, you will need to see what is the cause for that because you may think that is not important but it actually really is.

When thinking about how to reduce the pain and how to fix the problem that you have, you have to know what caused that problem. What is most important is that if you know the reason, you can prevent it from happening and you can keep on having an active lifestyle without the discomfort that would be caused otherwise. If you keep on living with the pain, that part of the body will suffer from chronic pain and it will be harder to manage with it.

In this article we will talk about the reasons that these injuries happen, what are the manifestation that they show, how to treat them, and most importantly how you can prevent those things from happening.

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The causes for an injury like this can be multiple. First of all, we have to talk about the different injuries that happen in this area. As we all know fractures are one of the causes and that means that bones separate one from another. Another type is twisting the ankle and this happens in many sports but also in general living. You can step falsely and you will hurt yourself without expecting.

The injury typically differs depending on the part that is hurt. So, it is not the same if you hurt your bones, your muscles, the ligaments, or your surrounding tissue. Also, a reason for the suffering can be a chronic disease. Typically, joints suffer from that condition and it can be really hard to move them if you don’t treat them on time.


The manifestations depend on the injury but they are usually a few of them. The first one is the pain. It can be strong and unbearable and it can also be a slight amount. The spectrum is different because of the difference in the damage on the tissue and on the pain tolerance. However, it is important to note that we don’t need to be in pain for anything and we have to check that immediately so we find a solution for it.

Another manifestation is swelling. Legs are typically a place where the swelling is mostly visible but it can be caused by many factors. If it is around the joint and combined with pain then you know that the issue is there. When these manifestations occur, you will not be able to use your legs if the pain is really strong. If the pain is bearable, you can but you should not, and you should be checked.

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How to cure it

When it comes to therapy there are many solutions that the medical teams can offer to you. Of course, it is important to match the injury with the treatment. Because you can’t do the same procedure when there is a broken bone and when you have just sprained it. Before going to the doctor, you can try to alleviate the pain from home but you have to know what you are doing because you don’t want to harm yourself additionally.

Depending on the manifestations, you can start off by applying something cold to the ankle or fit that hurts you. This is beneficial because it will reduce the swelling and it might make the pain a little less intense. You should not use your leg often to avoid additional damage, you just need to rest. When resting it is better to place your leg on a higher level than your torso so it can reduce the swelling using gravity and it will also make you feel better.

If you plan on using some products on your ankle or feet you have to make sure that they are made strictly for that occasion. You don’t want to apply something that will make your pain worse. There are a wide variety of creams and other different products that are proven to alleviate the pain and make you feel better until you get to the hospital.

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Other than creams, there are pills that are specially made for situations like these. For example, the Zen Nutrients PodiVite pills that are made by an experienced pharmacist named Devan Patel offer great benefits when treating chronic pain in the ankles or feet as seen on They are fully natural and they have many vitamins and minerals that will help you manage the pain and will also make your ankle and feet stronger.

When it comes to wrapping your leg, it is best to be careful and not too overtight it because you will restrict your blood flow there. Always leave space for a little mobility and make sure that you can place at least one finger between your leg and the bandage.

When you get to the hospital, you will be processed and you will be suggested a therapy customized for your situation. You may only pass with pills that will make the inflammation reduced or you can have your leg wrapped to avoid moving without a purpose. If the indications are compatible, you can do some exercises to fix the problem and make your leg more mobile.

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This is the most important thing because it is always better to prevent than to cure it. There are many ways that you can prevent these things to happen but in order to understand where to start, you have to think about the origin of the problems. First, you will have to exercise enough to make your legs stronger so they can endure more pressure when doing your regular activities.

If you are an athlete you will have to pay attention when stretching because that can save you from an injury that will set you back. And another factor that we all forget but it is one of the most important ones is the footwear. We have to wear shoes that are comfortable and anatomically fit so we avoid being in pain after wearing them for a long time.