What to Do Immediately After a Car Accident That’s Not Your Fault

No matter what precautions we take nor how careful we are, collisions happen, as there isn’t a way to have control over every situation, and, to be frank, life would be boring if that was the case. We can often hear on the news or even witness some car accident with our own eyes, and even though it can look terrifying, you should be prepared for such an occasion. Calling an ambulance and police are the two most crucial steps but know that there are also other aspects to cover after that.

Legal obligations

When some road accidents and collisions occur, that’s always someone’s fault, which is why you should know what to do when you are the victim and not the perpetrator. In order to avoid being blamed for something you have nothing to do with, you should know the options and order of things to do. Understandably, shock is normal in such situations but, to avoid any further stress and legal liability, let’s pay close attention to several things one should do after some road accident that’s not your fault.

Img source: pixabay.com

Check if someone is injured

The very first thing that we need to check is not whose fault it is but if someone is hurt. Check if someone needs to receive medical help, and do not forget to ask people from the other vehicle too. If someone is hurt, immediately call an ambulance because, in the end, health is the most valuable thing we have.

Gather crucial information

The next crucial step is to gather all the info that can help you prove that it wasn’t your fault. Write down every single detail like:

  • driver’s license number
  • name
  • address
  • name of their insurance company
  • policy number.

Besides these things, it is also necessary to take the contact information of all the others involved as they are possible witnesses, and always ask them to write statements about what happened. In the end, you should use the advantage of modern technology and take pictures of a scene and the car damages.

Img source: pixabay.com

Call 911

Many people try to solve the problem on their own, but that’s never a good idea, and it is crucial to call the police. They will come and write an official report which will help you prove that the whole thing is someone else’s fault and help you with repair costs. In some situations, the other driver will try to work out all the reparations without involving the police or insurance companies, but it is always better to avoid it because no one guarantees that it will be done.


Following these steps mentioned above should make your life much easier, as there will be nothing else to focus on other than to fully recover if you got injured and try to forget about the whole incident. Hiring a lawyer that specialized in this field is also one of the solutions, and perhaps the best one, as they will deal and handle all the legal and insurance stuff. This is even more important if you live in areas where car accidents often happen, but that’s where a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer can be of great help.