3 Reasons Why Cremation is a Better Choice Than Burial

When these bad things happen, you are forced to make a decision between these two options. When someone leaves this world, their close ones are left devastated. Because of the many cultures that people live by, there are many traditions that involve this process. Some require a proper burial, and some believe that cremation is a way better option. However, when someone is cremated, it doesn’t mean that those traditions have to be excluded. They can still be held and passed on to the other generations.

The dilemma between these two options lasts for a while, some are more comfortable with the old ways of saying the last goodbye, and some like the newer way of cremating their loved ones so they can be held in an urn on their favorite spot, or they can be spilled in a place where they were happiest so they can rest there forever. In the end, some people have a wish like this before they leave so that should be respected.

Sometimes it can be really hard to decide what is better. That is why we made this article, to show some reasons why cremation is a better choice than burial.

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It is a cheaper process

When a person leaves this world, the family can be affected by a financial situation that can be really expensive and some can’t afford that so they get in debt just for this purpose. The cremation is a way cheaper process and almost any family can afford to give the proper ceremony for the last goodbye. The price is basically determined by the additional costs, but if you compare the costs from regular burial and cremation, the difference is evident. Keep in mind that if you choose this process, it doesn’t mean that you are giving up on the religious traditions that you follow, they can be done before cremating to suit every need.

You can choose the time for the ceremony

Because of the fact that the body starts rotting right after the life stops, the ceremony has to be held in a few days. Since the whole family doesn’t live in the same city, and many live abroad, they don’t have time to arrange their personal things and travel in time for that. That can live people even sadder because they could not make it.

If the body is cremated, it can be held in an urn until the ceremony is arranged so everyone could be a part of it. In case the family doesn’t want to do this type of tradition, they can keep the urn at home. Thankfully, there are a bunch of different types of urn and designs as seen on this comprehensive guide on The Living Urn.

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It doesn’t harm the environment

When the burial is done, the body is put inside a casket or a coffin and that is placed under the earth. The soil gets harmed because of the degradation process that both the casket and the body are prone to. If the body is put inside a metal coffin, the harmful effect on the soil is avoided. However, the cremation process does no harm at all. Especially if you keep the ash inside an urn. It is a way better option to choose the cremation because there is no point in harming the environment just for an old tradition