What’s The Difference Between Window Shutters, Curtains And Blinds

One of the greatest and best feelings in the world is just sitting by your window and staring into the view with a cup of hot chocolate or any beverage. The importance isn’t on the drink itself, but the value a person gets from the view outside.

The radiant heat, the glistening sunlight, the warmth and absolute ambience and calmness are just a few things that people feel while they relax by their windows.

Of all the things that you could do to feel comfortable, the sky’s the limit. The same way the eyes are the pathways to our souls, similarly, the windows are the equivalent of the human eyes. They are the main inlets that let people inside and outside the house.

The windows of a house have practical benefits more than just aesthetics of the house. Practical benefits such as adequate sunlight and coming on to the entire beauty of the place.

But the thing out of all of this is that we aren’t here to talk about windows themselves. In the titular discussion, we’re here to talk about window blinds, curtains and shutters.

Check out diamondwindowshutters.co.uk to know more about window treatments, curtains, shutters and blinds. With that being said, let’s take a look at what the differences are between all three and their uses.

What Are Window Shutters

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Window shutters are more uncommon in the world of interior designs. Window shutters are a more traditional form of covering on the windows that are more solid and stable than your normal blinds. They were used traditionally in the past to be able to protect themselves from various climatic conditions.

The window blinds are made of various materials and constructs. They are usually made from fabric, glass, synthetic polymers and wood as well. Depending on the construct of the window itself, the window shutters can be fitted exactly to the size of the window boundary or can even overlap on to the exteriors of the window background.

In essence, it basically means that these window shutters act as another door for the windows in traditionally built houses.

The Purpose Of Window Shutters

Throughout history as we know it, the window shutters not only provided value and appreciating the beauty of a house but it also has various practical benefits to do so. For hundreds of years now, these shutters have provided such key features to a home.

There are two main types of window shutters mainly, Louvres and Panels. Both of these played key parts in advancing home interiors and exteriors throughout history. Prior to the invention of electric light, window shutters limited the amount of natural sunlight that poured into the house.

Prior to the invention of the air conditioning, windows served as the main source of things for a house that contributed to adequate air conditioning. To be historically accurate, the window shutters are the very first interior add on to the inside of a house before curtains and shades for a house.

They were the only way people were able to carry on their activities inside the home with a bit of privacy

What Are Window Blinds

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A system that is concerned with the furnishing of windows apart from shutters and curtains are known as blinds. Blinds are easily distinguishable from the former two as their design and usage is what sets them apart.

Coming to the design of a window blind, it is basically a sheet of fabric or any other synthetic material that can be easily rolled up with a rope or harness that is given on the side. These window blinds are ideal for those houses that are situated on the beach side where people want to see the beach view also while having the privacy that they want.

Basically solar blinds are highly used in this situation, where it is mostly translucent in appearance, thereby allowing people to look through the blind all while eliminating the amount of sunlight that comes inside the house. There are various types of window blinds and they have various uses as well. Let’s see some of them.

Types Of Window Blinds

  • Roller blinds

Roller blinds are the first type of window blinds in our articles. For starters, it is the most common form and type of window blinds that people use in most households. As the name suggests, it involves a roll up mechanism which involves a rope or harness on the side which employs a roll up and roll down mechanism for the blind.

  • Sheer Horizon Blind

When it comes to the innovation of window interiors, the sheer horizon blind is one of the best inventions that are thoughtfully made for homes. The sheer horizon blind works on the basis of two harnesses.

But before we get into that, it is important to know how the sheer horizon blind works. It is a very simple yet effective blind that people can use.

Basically, one harness works to lower down the blind which has light eliminating flaps and the second harness ensures that you can change the facing of the flaps, allowing you to change how much light the blind actively lets in.

Window Curtains

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The most traditional and most widely used window interiors in all of history, window curtains are highly used in houses from both the past and present.

They’ve been used from the Victorian era to even the present day. It is the window interior that has the most amount of variations in design, uses, and aesthetic color variations.

Types Of Windows Curtains

There are various types of window curtains that have been used throughout the course of history. We’ll highlight a few of them to start off with.

  • Victorian curtains

Referred to as drapes in the past, curtains used during the Victorian era were meant to be a symbol of elegance and grandeur. This is highly well depicted in the various art forms of literature and illustrations.

  • Standard home curtains

These are the most typically used curtains in most households all over the world.