5 WORDS absolutely should not be used in IELTS writing Task 2

1. First and foremost / Last but not least

Many people think that the word “first” is very simple, so it is often thought that the longer the sentences look, the more dangerous they will impress. So many of you change first to the phrase “first and foremost” similarly, you will think of the phrase “Last but not least“.

However, the examiners in the IELTS exam said that “first and foremost” and “Last but not least” would not be suitable for IELTS writing academic instead, instead of simply using “first” “firstly” and “last”. “,” Lastly

2. Good

Good” is a common word in English, but “good” is considered a “brainwashing word” because it has a general meaning that is not suitable for task 2.

3. Bad

In contrast to “Good“, we have “bad” as a generic word and you should not use it for your IELTS writing.

4. Moreover, Besides …

These are 2 words that the natives rarely use in academic writing, so you need to brainwash these two words and instead you can use instead of other words.

Moreover – Furthermore

Besides – In addition / Additionally

5. In a nutshell, To put in a nutshell …

These are “informal” phrases so we absolutely should not use them in the conclusion sentence.  You should use “In conclusion” instead.

Above are very important phrases that every article we need in IELTS Writing Task 2, but hope that you should know what words you use the most reasonable and safe way to get high scores, please “brainwash” inappropriate phrases.