Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with Answers (PDF + Audio CD)

Grammar is one of four important criteria to assess your English level. In particular, the IELTS Writing test requires you to have a good command of grammar and vocabulary. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with Answers is a very effective grammar book to help you prepare for the upcoming IELTS exam.

Only with Cambridge Grammar for IELTS, you can almost perfect your grammar. Because all of the grammar knowledge contained in this book is selected by the author from the actual IELTS test every year. Along with the audio CD, you can practice all 3 skills of Reading, Writing and Listening easily.

Book content Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with Answers

In general, with an academic competition like IELTS, there is no separate test for English grammar. But grammar is an indispensable knowledge to complement other skills to help you pass this exam. Grammar for IELTS focuses on important grammar issues such as:

  • Tenses in English (present, past, future);
    How to use prepositions, countable and uncountable nouns, etc.
  • The book has a total of 25 lessons, each with 4 parts:

A – Context listening
This section covers many listening exercises in each context of the IELTS test. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with Answers will help you understand the meaning of each sentence, contributing to improve the vocabulary and grammar to prepare for Part B. Listen to the recording and answer questions, test. The result is at the end of the book before you do the Grammar part.

B – Grammar (Grammar)
The grammar section here has examples and interpretations very well. This is an important part, which is the foundation for you to complete the grammar exercises in Part C. So you can do the exercises and review the grammar here.

C – Grammar Exercises (Grammar Exercises)
Includes lots of practice grammar exercises to check the knowledge you have learned above.

D – Test Practice (Test)
Each test is part of the actual IELTS test. For those of you who have a good grammar foundation, Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with Answers will help you to revise your English knowledge perfectly (because no one can remember everything you have learned). If you are a newbie, the book will help you have a methodical, easy to understand to approach and solve the most accurate IELTS exam.

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Effective Guide to self-study Cambridge Grammar for IELTS with Answer at home from Wiki Study English

  1. Learn grammatical structures: When learning a new structure or usage, you should apply this knowledge to specific, practical situations to describe everyday events. This will help you have a deeper impression with the knowledge that has just penetrated =))
  2. Pay attention to grammar structures when practicing Reading: when reading any text in English: a story, an article, a status … pay attention to the grammar used in that text. Please. If you do not understand how that structure is used, you can google online or ask teachers and friends.
  3. Learn the exception grammar rules: There are exceptions, so when you come across an exception of the structure you have learned, compare the rules and find the reason for the exception. Remember longer.