5 Affordable Yet Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Women in Their 30s

Buying a gift for every woman is pretty tricky and risky. Most women have a specific style, and even if you slightly deviate from it, chances are, she will not like it. Things get even more difficult when you are choosing a present with a limited budget. Just because you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a gift does not mean that you cannot find something beautiful. Here, we are going to list some affordable, yet thoughtful gift ideas for women in their 30s.

1. Skincare products

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Getting older and getting more sensitive skin is the nightmare of every girl, and when we get in our 30s, we realize that our skin needs a lot more care than we are used to. We have to pay attention to the little things, the way we clean our face, and just what we put on it. Purchasing all the right things is so time-consuming, and we don’t want to deal with it. This is where your present comes in place. You can get something that your female friend could use and a thing that will be good for her skin. Starting from cleansers, up to serums and moisturizers, you can get anything and it will put a smile on her face.

2. Massager

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Just like with skincare, when we get in our 30s, we realize that our bodies are not as strong, and something is aching all the time. After a long day of work, we just want to lay back, relax and get a massage, but that is not always the option. You can present your friend with a foot massager, or you can get a deep tissue device that will relax her and help her battle wrinkles and cellulite.

3. A good book

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Books are always welcomed, and your friend will appreciate this present. You can opt for something that will help her in her self-development, or you can just pick an item that you already know she loves. As you can notice if you view more gifts for women in their 30s, there are different types of titles you can go with, or you can even get her a series of all the things she’s interested in.

4. A nice mug or glass

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No woman can have enough special mugs or fancy glasses. It is up to you to choose the right type depending on the preferences of your loved one, but ultimately, you can choose whatever you want and you won’t be wrong. You can take things one step further by personalizing the mug or getting one with a quote or a symbol that represents your relationship.

5. Alarm chain

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In our 30s we realize how unsafe and scary the world can be, and this is the right time to present your loved one with something that will help her stay safe. There are a lot of different models of alarms that can be triggered with the push of a button, and they can be put on any keychain. Your female friend will love this.

These are some of the things that you can opt for and that will definitely surprise your loved one. All of these items are budget-friendly, there are so many different options you can choose from, and most are scalable and customizable.