6 Best Cycling Glasses for Women in 2024

Cycling accessories are many, and they’re meant to help us get the most of our cycling adventures. Both men and women can enjoy the hobby, and some turn it into a professional job.

But to do that, you have to equip yourself with the best cycling gear. So, that’s why we’re here talking about cycling glasses for women. Considering that shades are pretty important for the hobby, we’re giving you a list of the best ones to buy in 2024.

With all that said, let’s start.

1. Bolle Shifter

img source: bike24.net

What are you looking for when buying glasses? Is it style, comfort, or is it the ability to block out the sun? If all three is what you’re after, then every gal should get a pair of Bolle Shifters.

These shades are not only modern, but they have the option of coming with prescription lenses. Although they’re designed for cycling and nothing more, it’s a great way to keep an eye on what’s ahead for those who need it.

The reason why Bolle Shifters sell like hot cakes is the anti-fogging technology that prevents the lenses from steaming up. This feature is highly important for humid conditions.

Another important feature of the Bolle Shifters is the anti-impact lenses that prevent damaging the glasses. That with the added bonus of being quite sturdy is another reason why Bolle Shifters should be high on your list.

2. Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road

img source: planetbike.rs

Okay, we’re kinda cheating with this one. The Oakley Jawbreakers aren’t exactly cycling shades designed solely for women; guys can wear them too.

But we had to add it to this list as they’re that good. One of the first and most distinct characteristics of the Prizm Road is the broad lenses that stretch throughout the glasses. More so, the shades themselves are quite lightweight and come with changeable lenses.

That means you can keep the frames while constantly changing lenses. Considering that the lens is only half of the product, you can shop for similar lenses at Oakley Jawbreaker. You will struggle to find a lens to fit on the Prizm Road frame, so that’s the only drawback of the product.

Even so, both the frame and lens are quite durable, lightweight, and will fit anyone.

3. Rudy Project Sintryx

img source: bike24.net

There are few shades as stylish as these ones. The Rudy Project Sintryx is perfectly designed for all outdoor activities. The practical and simplistic design, excellent use of colors, and multiple cycling features are what separates these from the rest.

Let’s start by talking about practical design. The Sintryx are perfectly designed for women as the relatively smaller design of the shades perfectly fits any face.

The choice of colors is a personal preference, the carefully selected unisex colors means even guys will give it a try. With all that, let’s talk about the features.

First off, the shades arrive with two additional lenses that you can swap with the one already on the shades. These three lenses offer excellent versatility.

You’ve got one lens designed for low light, a lens designed for much brighter days, and a Polar 3FX lens for blocking glare. Simply said, the shades are designed for every occasion and any time.

For more cycling shades, make sure to visit www.otticasm.com as one of the best places for a gal to buy what she needs.

4. Sungod Velans FF

img source: cdn.road.cc

The description we would give these ones is “a fully customizable pair of cycling shades”. Why? Well because you can change the lens and customize the design of the shades.

There is a lot to discuss about the Sungod Velans FF. These shades are very practical and very minimalistic. The shades are quite lightweight, water-resistant, and offer protection from scratches.

But that’s not all. The frame of the glasses has a soft rubber line that is meant to protect gals whenever on cycling adventures. We all know how discomforting wearing shades for hours can be, and this is something that Sungod carefully thought about when coming up with the design.

You can also order a rubber nose piece to provide protection for your nose while cycling, but that one costs additionally.

5. Oakley Custom Holbrook

img source: auctiva.com

Oakley are no strangers to designing cycling glasses for women. And this one certainly takes the cake. The design of the Oakley Custom Holbrook is like no other pair of cycling shades.

The polarized lens means cyclers can rest assured the sun won’t get into their eyes while doing what they love. But cyclers can also choose iridium lenses. One thing that goes against the Custom Holbrook’s is the fact that cyclers can custom design the pair.

But that’s not bad, is it? It’s not bad but experience dictates that cyclers love throwing details at the shades. If you’re going with the option to customize the Oakley Holbrook’s and give them your own personal touch, we suggest you tone it down a notch.

Back to the good things about the shades. Oakley is quite a serious player in the cycling shades industry. The Holbrooks’ design is unmatched both on and off the cycling track.

These shades are perfectly suited for everyday life and for any outdoor activity. And the fact that Oakley is a company that knows how to ship their products fast, they should rank very high on your list.

6. POC DO Blade Cycling Glasses

img source: cloudfront.net

With UV protection, an adjustable nose piece, and photochromic lens type, the POC DO Blade Cycling Glasses are a thing of beauty to have.

These shades have the ability to block fog, sunlight, and water, effectively making them every cycler’s best friend. The design is perfect for any gal that wants a pair of shades to go along for the ride.

The excellent waterproof rating of the POC DO’s cannot be underestimated. The design is quite catchy, lightweight, and the whole shades are quite durable. While there is no mention of anti-scratching technology, the POC DO Blade Cycling Glasses will protect you from any incoming damage.

More so, the glasses make sure nothing happens to them as well.