Asmongold Net Worth – 2024

Hearing the tag ‘Asmongold’ will ring a bell on the minds of the fans of World of Warcraft. Doesn’t it? There might be no one like the legendary streamer Asmongold who can stream for 25 continuous hours!  Are you here to know about the life, family, career, and net worth of Asmongold? If so, what you’ve to do is to keep reading! If you’re ready, then here we go!

About Asmongold


Asmongold is a successful YouTuber and a superb Twitch Streamer known for streaming ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘Dark Souls’. He’s also the co-founder of a breed of virtual content creators known as One True King.

He started receiving public attention through YouTube channels. As of now, he is running nine successful channels. Furthermore, since 2014, he’s hyperactive on Twitch.

If you respect your passion, your passion will reward you; and Asmongold is the living example of the same. With his unique gaming skills, he turned his passion into wealth.

Early Life And Family


Asmongold or Zack was born on 20th April 1990 in Austin city of Texas. Nothing much about his family background and the whereabouts of his parents are known.  The details of his early life and schooling are also not available.

In 2018, Zack and Pink Sparkles (Lzzy) started streaming together on Twitch. They were once known as the best Twitch couples. They were in a relationship for one and a half years and finally separated on 12th December 2012. However, the real reason behind the breakup is undisclosed.

Career And Major Milestones


Significant milestones in the life of Asmongold include:

  • In 2008, he started his first YouTube channel, ZackRawrr. It has 314,000 subscribers and 24,667,049 views as of now.
  • He started CatDany-Asmongold Highlights in 2012, and it has 139,000 subscribers and 76,067,061 views so far.
  • Twitch [Asmongold] was also started in the same year. It has 33,400 subscribers and 46,756,562 views to date.
  • He started Asmongold in 2013. The channel has 333,000 subscribers and has attracted a total of 79,513,144 views.
  • In 2014, he began Twitch streaming.
  • Zack started Asmongold Moments in 2015. it has 40,700 subscribers and a total of 582,162 views so far.
  • He started playing Warcraft in 2016.
  • CatDany was started in 2017, which has got 185,000 subscribers and 169,805 views as of now.
  • Best of Asmongold and Daily Dose of Asmongold was started in 2018. Best of Asmongold has 498,000 subscribers and 32,436,402 views, while Daily Dose of Asmongold has 952,000 subscribers and 84,043,750 views.
  • Asmongold became the most-watched World of Warcraft steamer of the year 2018.
  • He started Asmongold TV in 2019. The channel has got 616,000 subscribers and 335,934,482 views as of now.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Asmongold.

  • Asmongold is also a music enthusiast, and some sources suggest that he produces music on Spotify.
  • In his early days, Zack adopted the game name ‘Asmongold’ to play with his childhood friends. After many years when Zack was looking for a perfect gamer tag, all of his favorite gamer tags were unavailable, and he suddenly remembered ‘Asmongold’ and adopted it.

Net Worth of Asmongold

According to the latest updates, the net worth of Asmongold is somewhere around $2.5 million. Along with the Twitch channel that has attracted over 165 million watched hours, he gains revenue from his YouTube channels, brand endorsements, selling merchandise, donations, and ads.