Mike Chen Net Worth – 2024

Have you heard of these prominent YouTube channels- ‘Beyond science’, ‘Strictly Dumpling’ or ‘Pho the love of food’? If not, you must have at least come across The Chen dynasty or MikeyChen, a video log channel. It is all the work of Mike Chen popularly known as ‘Mikey Chen’, a highly valued and popular YouTuber.

About Mikey Chen

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Born in Xi’an of China on December 22nd, 1980, Mike Chen has landed himself in the USA as he migrated from his homeland China. He has been a YouTuber who’s familiar due to his overwhelming number of YouTube channels and interesting and diverse content.

Early Life And Family

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Despite wanting to work with the FBI and majoring in accounting from ‘Truman university’, Chen realized he couldn’t pursue his dreams as an FBI officer, and worked for Morgan Stanley as a financial analyst up until he started making youtube videos. Other than his announcement of a romantic relationship, nothing else about him is known. He also had Yi and Dan, who were with him for several videos until they chose to head back home.

His Career And Major Milestones

His channels and achievements consist of:

  • Mike Chen – created on 3rd March 2013.
    Consists of his vlogs that are related to traveling and trying out new dishes everywhere he goes.
  • The friendly brain – created on 22nd May 2017.
    The channel showcases animations through flashcards and has more than 2 million views.
  • Cook with Mikey – created on 18th August 2017
    This channel is previously known as ‘Pho the love food’ consists of Chen and his friends trying and making several food items, most of which are of Asian origin amongst others.
  • Eat with Mikey – created on 17th November 2017.
    It’s an extra channel where he and his friends try out different dishes and has viewed more than 7 million.
  • Awesome toy review! – created on 19th July 2016.
    It was a channel created for reviewing toys which were active when Dan and Yi present with him before they departed to China later and since then, the channel remained inactive.
  • Beyond science 2 – created on 26th August 2016.
    With views of about 24 million, this channel is close to ‘beyond science’ but with larger perspectives and more intriguing ideas.
  • The Chey news – created on 4th March 2016.
    It’s a channel that consists of hilarious content from everywhere from the new stories and has a little more Chinese stuff in comparison.
  • The Chen dynasty – created on 5th July 2014.
    With a huge number of 60 million views, this channel discusses the cultural and traditional issues and events associated with Asia and was previously called the ‘double Chen show’ but was later renamed when Dan Chen departed.
  • Strictly Dumpling – created on 27th October 2013.
    With a whopping 702 million views and counting, this channel is all about the original and westernized version of Chinese food and how every place has its essence in the flavor and food.
  • Beyond science – created on 27th October 2013.
    Strange phenomenon, alien civilizations, and several other paranormal and science videos were made and were watched more than a million times and it was amongst the first ones to do so.

Few Things You Didn’t Know About Mikey Chen

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  • He used his iPhone 4 to shoot a few of his videos in the beginning and revealed it in an interview.
  • He thinks ‘shredded/ peeled potatoes’ are one of the easiest dishes to make.
  • He was a digital strategy head at NTD television.

Net Worth

With merchandise, accessories, clothes, and an astounding number of views of more than 1.5 billion subscribers, his net worth sums up to nearly 3.5 million dollars. The advertisements on these videos are what make up a greater part of his net worth.