Barron’s Writing for IELTS – Effective IELTS Writing Practice

Barron’s Publisher – the USA – The famous publisher of English books to help learners prepare for the TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL exams with the best results.

Today, Wiki Study English will introduce to you an excellent book of Barron’s IELTS, Barron’s writing for IELTS – providing for those who are self-studying at home the necessary skills about IELTS writing, so that you can improve yourself. your writing skills.

Why did Wiki Study English introduce this material? Right below, we will reveal interesting things about books! Read carefully review and download books to learn dentistry.

Book information
➤ Name: Barron’s Writing for IELTS
➤ Publisher: Barron
➤ Content: Provides Writing study strategies, writing instructions, reference samples …
➤ Books for band 3.5 and older, have a new basic grammar foundation easy to learn

Which band is Barron’s writing for IELTS?
Must say first, when entering Writing, you must have basic vocabulary and grammar. So Wiki Study English recommends you should have a band of 3.0-3.5 or higher to study. That way, you will catch the instructions, tips that make the article better.

What is interesting about the book?
This book will take you through the following:
➤ Details of IELTS writing task 1 and task 2

➤ Instructions on how to write each type of Task 1 chart, map, cycle … the most accurate.

➤ Learn how to write Task Achievement / Task Response essays according to the roadmap: plan, write and review

➤ Develop and implement logical ideas that are closely linked in task 2. Give you coherent writing that will guide you in the right direction.

➤ In the grammar section, you will be provided with the important sentence structures that you should use in the writing test to get good grades. Practicing and practicing any sentence structure in your writing is really fluent and confident when applied to different exam questions.

Perhaps she will not need to introduce more about this writing book but let you download it and actively study it!

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