IELTS on track Academic: Is the IELTS practice book really good for you?

If you have ever seen the movie “How I met your mother“, you probably know how passionate it is, but the story of “How I met IELTS On Track” does not give me such a sweet result.

I found out about IELTS On Track (Academic) at a time when my brain showed signs of being tired of the IELTS Cambridge Test (Because I did so many times) and I wanted to find an IELTS Books with new Exam Test. So, I came across this book and started trying it out.

Although you know that the book still has its values ​​to this day, and is still sought after by many IELTS learners, but after listening to my brief review below, you will know the book. Is this book really worth studying?

Let’s get started!

Purpose of the book IELTS On Track (Academic)

IELTS On Track (Academic)
IELTS On Track (Academic)

In addition to the legendary IELTS Cambridge exam series, first published and delivered to learners in 1998, only four years later, a book that was supposed to be the second version of the Orange series was born, which was the book IELTS On Track (Other than publishers).

The book is prepared with the purpose of providing IELTS with all 4 skills, in the true exam format and also ensuring the best exam results. Perhaps, at that time, when the test was not as innovative and improved as it was now, the book still had values ​​commensurate with the Cam series.

As such, this series of books will be suitable for those who are self-taught and are in the preparation stage, the English level is at B1 (4.5-5.5).

Is this book really effective?

IELTS On Track now has two modules corresponding to two books for two forms: IELTS Academic and General Training. The main purpose of the author is so that learners can easily select books for the form they follow, and only focus on taking tests in that form.

Note: These two books are often confused about the form. Remember, the IELTS On Track Academic will be the one with the blue cover (as illustrated above) and the IELTS On Track General Training will be the one with the orange cover.

  • The content of the book is divided into 4 Units, corresponding to the 4 skills in the IELTS test. This book sounds like a simple topic, but it has two obvious differences with the Cam we often do.

* Firstly, the book does not include 4 tests of 4 skills into one common test, but here, the author goes into providing a topic for each skill individually. Specifically, Unit 1 will only have a Listening test, Unit 2 will be a test for Reading …

Effective at: For those who are self-taught IELTS and weak a certain skill, this will be a great opportunity to wholeheartedly practice and consolidate. You can practice and practice the test of that skill many times until you become proficient and limit as many errors as possible.

Observing the image clearly shows:

Second: The book has a Fast Track section for each skill. Fast Track here “born” for what purpose? It is the section that will point out the common mistakes that learners often encounter, when doing all the problems in the lesson, you will not be able to avoid minor mistakes. At this point, Fast Track will help you find and fix it.

Cons of book

Because the content of the knowledge was compiled and compiled in 2002, it is certain that this book is old and no longer close to the real exam, like Cam from 10 to 14. If you want to know more about IELTS Cambridge 14, read this review.

Listening speed is quite slow compared to the real exam → The difficulty level will not be close to the real listening test, causing learners not to practice the ability to increase listening speed, creating a slower reaction when doing the test.

The tests in Reading skills are outdated and outdated, not updated as much as they are now.

The Writing section also provides the layout of the article like many other books, but in my opinion, it is not very good, not detailed and not detailed. The sample has also not updated the new Topic recently.

In this case, it would be a good option if you refer to the Ebook: 101 Writing Task 1 & Task 2, to learn and practice the subject from this book.

For the Speaking skill, I think it can still be used as a reference source because the samples up till now are still valuable.

Summary: I do not highly recommend this book, because the knowledge is too old compared to many better books at the moment. But if you’re still willing to crave more “excavation”, then Welcome the book and learn it.

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I have just reviewed the book already, try to find out and learn. Remember to invest your time and effort in the right place.