3 Things to Know When Buying a House in South Florida

Have you decided to buy a house or an apartment and move to South Florida? Congratulations, we believe you are very excited! However, another emotion that arises in people who make this decision is confusion. ‘What should I consider before taking action?’ you may ask. First of all, keep in mind that real estate in South Florida is not cheap at all and it is necessary to be optimally prepared in order to prevent making a mistake that will cost you dearly (literally). In this article you can read more about some of the main things to know when buying a house in South Florida.

  1. Insurance can be very expensive

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One of the main things you want to keep in mind when buying a home in South Florida is that insurance can be very expensive. Besides, it is not always easy to get to it, considering that most small insurance companies require the house to meet all their criteria if you want to get a policy from them. This means that all systems – electrical, plumbing, air conditioners and others will have to be in perfect order. And in case you are buying an older house that may not be the case. Make sure to inquire if you will be able to get homeowner insurance before you decide to buy a house in South Florida, as well as how much it will cost you.

  1. Thorough inspection is necessary

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Let’s continue with the previously mentioned story: if you want to be sure that everything is fine with the property and that you will be able to get the homeowner insurance, a detailed inspection is necessary. That means you want to check everything – the roof, the plumbing systems, the electrical grid, the air conditioners. Keep in mind that floods in South Florida are very common, so flood insurance is another important item to consider. You will want to ask the previous owner if they have had such experiences and know better what you can expect. South Florida is a fairly specific area when it comes to weather, so it is crucial that you have a clear picture of the condition of the house before you decide to buy.

  1. Do you really need that pool?

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Most luxury South Florida houses come with a pool. And that’s what most people have in mind when they think about what their property will look like in this area. However, it is crucial to think about whether you really need a pool. If the answer is ‘yes’ we advise you to definitely go for it. This can be a wonderful addition to the home. However, it is important to know that the pool must be regularly maintained in order to be hygienic and aesthetically appealing. Failure to take care of it can become a problem over time. Think carefully about whether the pool is what you want in your home and how owning it will really contribute to your general comfort in the new house.


Buying a home in South Florida is a phenomenal and exciting thing. So many beautiful things await you in your new home! However, we advise you to take these three factors into account before buying a house to gain a better insight into the situation and prevent yourself from making a mistake.