Can a Good Marketing Strategy Carry a Bad Product

Owning a company that deals with selling products to consumers is definitely not an easy task. It is as responsible of a position as it gets because there are numerous little things that need to take place before you can see your hard work pay off and before your brand becomes successful or recognized. The more specific and competitive the market you are in the harder it gets. Therefore, to begin on the right note, you first have to have a good enough product, an above-average and relatively unique product that will draw in the customers.

After you have managed to come up with such a thing to manufacture and sell, you have to get it out there. This is of course done through marketing. A strong marketing campaign that is utilizing all the modern trends and taking advantage of the popular ways people get information is capable of taking any good product to new heights and giving your company fame and success. There is a reason why the best of the best like Coca-Cola and Nike spend billions on their marketing campaigns even though everyone knows them.

But what about marketing a bad product? Can you pay big money for a marvelous and over the top campaign and still carry a bad product to fame and good enough sales despite the product itself being less than satisfactory? Well, the answer to this question is hardly a simple one and it definitely deserves a deeper dive. In this article we will focus on whether or not a good marketing strategy can carry a bad product. To learn more about this topic, make sure to check out

Coming Up with a Product

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Any company that has a line of products that they want to sell has to make sure their product works and makes sense. What is the point of having a bad product nobody wants to buy when there are competitors that are dong a much better job, who care about the customers as well as their reputation? Before a product can begin its life as a choice on the shelf for an average customer, it has to be well thought through. After the idea comes into existence, the company needs to come together and determine the best way to make it with as little costs and as much efficiency as possible. Only after the testing and regulations deem it worthy and viable can there be a decision to go through with it and start selling it.

This is why most manufacturers constantly look for new ideas and new ways in which they can surprise their customer base and offer them new products. New flavors of foods and drinks, new designs of clothes and accessories, and advanced new models of gadgets. Constant research is necessary so that they know what is possible and what is not. If a brand chooses to move forward with a bad product, it means they do not care that much about the people buying their stuff nor the reputation they have managed to build for themselves over the years. In any case, whether or not a product is good or bad, the next step is to market it and think of the ways to get people to buy it. This is where the marketing strategy comes in

So Is It Possible?

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In theory, it is possible for a good marketing strategy to carry a product since there are people who will buy anything if the marketing persuades them they need it. There have been numerous cases over the last several decades where poorly made and nonsensical stuff found buyers all over the world despite the product itself being below average. This happens in every industry, from the fashion industry, food and beverage, even technology.

The key thing to remember though is that such an approach cannot last. The customers will eventually find out that the product is bad and they will stop buying it. Even worse, those who have bought it and realized their mistake will be the ones most vocal about their bad experience since they will feel scammed. There cannot be a bad product that lasts a long time. Even if there is, their reputation will become infamous and only those not aware of the criticism will spend money on it. For example, there have been quite a few bad vehicles that have stayed on the market for years and people continued to buy them from time to time despite being unreliable or outright dangerous to drive.

Bad products have always existed and will always exist, and it hardly matters if they are the result of poor craftsmanship and a strong will to eventually become better, or a lack of care and the will to make profit and nothing else. It is up to the customers to use their reasoning and common sense and judge for themselves if the marketing strategy is to be believed or not.

It Makes no Sense

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Last but not least, we should mention that backing up a poor product with good marketing makes absolutely no sense. It does not make sense financially because you will be spending thousands of dollars, perhaps even millions, on all sorts of advertising for something that can never back it up or justify it. The company that does it is not doing the logical thing at all and will be losing money continuously. They may experience good sales at first, but products usually take time to get the investment money back. And for all that time, there will be money going to the elaborate marketing strategy that is trying its hardest to push the bad product further and further into the mainstream consciousness of people.

They will buy it, make no mistake. People cannot help their curiosity and the consumer culture is too far gone to ignore new additions to the market. However, no consumer product can survive for long if the customers only buy it once. Even if it is something bigger like a home appliance or a vehicle, most of the buyers will exercise their right for a refund after they realize they were the victims of superior marketing. The short answer is yes, a good marketing strategy can carry a bad product, but that is not something the brand can actually do without huge losses across the board.