6 Tips for Cleaning Commercial Kitchen & Restaurant Exhaust Hoods

A kitchen that is being constantly used needs to be taken care of properly. If you fail to clean the kitchen when it is time, the process becomes a nightmare will all of the greases being consolidated. Besides the top that is being usually cleaned every day, the exhaust hoods need proper care as well.

There are many ways how to clean the kitchen. Every restaurant has different methods that they practice in keeping cleanliness on the highest level. The timeline in which these procedures should be done is different depending on the usage, and the type of food that is being cooked.

To standardize the cleaning procedures, and to come up with an efficient timeline, we have created this article. By following these tips you will surely make this process easier, which will lead to a cleaner kitchen, that your customers will surely appreciate.

1. Make sure that the cooking top is clean

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Everything that can be seen needs to be cleaned adequately multiple times during the day. On the cutting surfaces where most of the ingredients go through cleanliness is essential. That is why after every cutting session the portion needs to be wiped well.

The stoves and the flat grill need to be cleaned as well. At the end of the day, it is noticeable how the burned particles and the oils have been stuck on the top. This needs a mix of techniques that include scrubbing and scraping. However, you will require a special degreaser and a soapy substance that will ensure cleanliness. Keep in mind that these chemicals need to be food grade, so they don’t cause any harm to your customers.

2. Check the grease traps regularly

The grease traps are an essential part of the commercial kitchen since they are preventing all of the oils to go inside the drains. When the oils are still in a liquid state, they can adhere to the pipes where they can build up. They cannot be diluted in water, and when their temperatures fall, they are solidifying causing a pipe clogging.

These traps act like a filter, where all of the oils are being collected, and then thrown away. You will need to clean them regularly because if they overfill, their function is being lost. It is best to keep track and write down the times when they were cleaned.

If you are doing this on your own, you must not throw the waste down the gutter. Not only you will cause serious clogging, but you will face serious legal consequences that will hurt you financially as well.

3. Get the filters replaced on time

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All of the commercial kitchen equipment has filters to protect itself from the oils. Both the hoods and the drains need to be protected. If grease gets built up, a hazardous situation can happen at any time. To avoid such a situation, it is best to get the filters replaced on time. By following a regime and strict service schedule, you will surely avoid serious problems related to the grease.

In case your equipment does not have any filters, you should do your best in protecting it while installing filters on your own. With that being said, it is not only to have filters, but they have to be in a sufficient number. That way, you are having multiple barriers that will protect your business and the longevity of the equipment that you own.

4. Make sure the hood is being clean both from the inside and outside

The hood or the aspirators that are being used in the commercial kitchens are exposed to the steam and the splashes from the oil whenever something is cooking. For that reason, they need to be cleaned regularly both from the inside and the outside.

On the outside, there are all of the oils from the condensation and the regular splashes that happen while cooking. This looks awful if neglected, and needs to be cleaned regularly. The insides are more complex for cleaning, and they have to be done properly. Firstly, you will need great access so you can get your appropriate chemicals applied. In addition, you will need space to maneuver with the scrubbing equipment. The fans need mild scrubbing, so make sure you are being careful not to damage them.

5. Consider using the help of the professionals

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If you do not have the knowledge about cleaning, or you lack the equipment needed, it is best to use a commercial kitchen cleaning service such as premiergrease.com/hood-cleaning.html.

That way, you will be sure that your restaurant is constantly well maintained, and you have nothing to worry about.

The cleaning service knows all of the regulations about the waste, so they will dispose of it properly, avoiding fines for your firm. In addition, they have a well-organized and efficient schedule, where they won’t even miss a day.

Their cleaning services also ensure the locals that if something happens due to the gunk being collected, they will cover the expenses. This is a great way of assuring yourself about the cleanliness, and the efficiency of using such a service.

6. Why is cleaning an essential process

Food quality is the most important thing to take care of when you are a restaurant owner. However, you cannot serve good-quality dishes in a neglected kitchen. Besides, if someone gets sick after consuming a meal in your place, it just presents a bad picture about your brand, but you can also be sued.

Prevention of hazardous situations that can include both clogging with water spilling everywhere, or on the contrary fire coming from the oils collected in the hood. These situations are dangerous both for the employees and customers. In addition, fixing the damages done by such hazards are being too high, so many owners are not able to recover.

As an owner, you will need to follow the regulations that are given by the state. If you are not cleaning your commercial kitchen properly, when the inspections arrive, you will be fined. These expenses are not small, so they can highly affect your business.

Lastly, everyone wants to work in a clean environment. Having everything prepared increases motivation, and their work will be more efficient. This will lead to business growth since the food will be delivered quickly and the customers will be more satisfied.