The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS [Detailed Review & Download Link]

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS is an indispensable IELTS exam preparation book for conquering high bands.

  • The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS by Cambridge – Famous quality publisher in the series of IELTS exam preparation books.
  • Specifically designed for learners from band 4.0, focusing on all 4 skills of Listening – Speaking – Reading – Writing.
  • Refer to Aland’s detailed review below to embark on studying!

Part 1: Book review

Title: The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS for Academic & general training
Publisher: Cambridge
Number of pages: 398 – Format: A4

Book content:

On the first pages, the book summarizes the main information about the IELTS test to help you pocket the most general knowledge.

The book is divided into 4 parts, corresponding to solving 4 IELTS skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Each section is divided into independent units, focusing on building ability, confidence for you through structured exercises like real exams.

Part 2 of the book includes 8 exercises, with the accompanying answers. The first practice test has suggestions and instructions for you. Besides, at the end of the book, there are answer keys and scripts of audio files for you to study IELTS by yourself and test at home.

List of lessons:

IELTS Listening skills
1. Getting ready to listen
2. Following a conversation
3. Recognizing paraphrase
4. Places and directions
5. Listening for actions and processes
6. Attitude and opinion
7. Following a lecture or talk
8. Contrasting ideas

IELTS Reading skills
 1. Reading strategies
 2. Descriptive passages
 3. Understanding the main ideas
 4. Locating and matching information
 5. Discursive passages
 6. Multiple-choice questions
 7. Opinions and attitudes
 8. General training reading
IELTS Writing
1. Academic Writing Task 1 – Describing a chart, table or graph

2. Academic Writing Task 1 – Comparing and contrasting graphs and tables

3. Academic Writing Task 1 – Describing diagrams

4. Academic Writing Task 1 – Describing maps

5. General training writing Task 1 – A letter

6. Writing task 2 – Getting ready to write

7. Writing task 2 – Expressing your ideas clearly

8. Writing task 2 – Checking and correcting

IELTS Speaking
1. The speaking Test – Part 1
2. Part 2 – Giving a talk
3. Part 3 – Talking about abstract topics
4. Checking, correcting and assessing

Practice Tests
Recording scripts
Answer key
Sample Answer Sheets

Part 2: Guide to effective use of books

The first advice that Aland wants to give you is about the secret to conquering the Skills section.

  1. You should learn the system one by one, because the knowledge and information in Tasks is upgraded through each unit to develop your skills. In addition, you can focus on 1 skill first or learn all 4 skills well. Of course you should still study all the units before taking the practice test.
  2. When taking the practice test, try to apply the tips and tactics you have learned to remember longer. In particular, you can put pressure on yourself to take the test as it really does.
    This is an official IELTS study guide, written by the IELTS examiners, so you can be assured of advice and information that is always updated quickly.

And here Aland send you PDF files of the book, print and study IELTS at home effectively!

Download the PDF + AUDIO file HERE: Download