How to Tell the Difference Between Good & Bad Quality Cigars – 2024 Guide

Enjoying finer things in life is not always as straightforward as it seems. Being able to buy the best and most exclusive products is certainly a good feeling, and using or consuming them is even better. However, how can you be sure that it is the real deal if you have no prior knowledge of the said commodity? Spending money on something expensive and expecting it to be good is no way to do things. You must make sure that what you are getting is of high quality if you really want the best experience possible.

With this being said, it goes without saying that some consumer goods out there are more popular than others and therefore more exclusive. It is not always about their exclusivity however so much so as their ingredients and a truly high quality and standard. This can be said for cigars which have been one of the more familiar status symbols for centuries. Tobacco products have billions of enthusiasts around the world, but not everyone can or is willing to smoke real cigars.

The image of a successful person smoking a fat brown cigar is iconic with many famous people being pictured with one at a high point tin their life. If you want to taste it as well and see what it is like, or if you are simply a fan of tobacco products looking for the finest out there, keep reading this article. We will reveal to you how to tell the difference between good and bad quality cigars. For starters, make sure to check out Escobar Cigars to learn more and to browse a collection of fine cigars and related accessories.

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The Draw

When smoking real cigars, every draw you take has to be perfect. It must not be too smoky nor with too much taste. The draw depends on how tight the tobacco is packed. It if is too tight in there, you will have less flavor and less smoke. If it is too loose and there is room for more, the draw will be easier to take and smoke but the taste will surely be harsher due to the hotter burn.

The Burn

There is nothing worse in terms of cigar quality than an uneven burn. You do not want your cigar to burn at a certain pace for the first half and then change it for the final half. A high-quality cigar will always burn evenly all the way, from the moment you light it to the last draw you take. If it is any other way, it almost certainly means that the roll was inconsistent. It could also mean that the paper and/or the tobacco is not the same throughout the cigar, another thing that indicates bad quality.

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The Length of Ash

As it burns, like any other cigar, there will be ash accumulating at the far end. It should and it will fall off, but it matters when it does so. Quality cigars are able to hold at least a full inch of ash before it falls off. This if of course only possible if you leave it be and if your hand movements are not hasty and wild. This is a good test to check if the cigar you bought is high quality or not. Also, in terms of ash, it matters what it does when it falls off. It should leave a cone shape in the ashtray once it touches it. This happens because the center leaves, usually of higher-quality, burn slower. A noticeable cone in the ashtray is a clear sign of a high-quality product.

The Taste

Just like the burn, the taste of the cigar needs to be thorough and even all the way to the end. Not only that, but every cigar has to taste the same. If there is a few in the box that are different, it could be a bad quality product or a knockoff. Bitterness, heartburn feeling, and going out in the middle of smoking are all signs that the tobacco in there is not consistently aged and therefore different in certain areas of a single cigar, or between different cigars. It usually takes some time before one finds the best taste for them, and it is not always a high-end product know around the world. Not all tastes fit every customer, but it should still be consistent as is the case with all top brands from other industries.

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The Price

You probably already know this, but the price is not always the best indicator of quality. There have been many instances in which something costs an arm and a leg only to fail miserably after a few uses. This happens in technology, it happens in the automotive industry, and it happens in fashion. Just because one item is more expensive does not mean it is better. With that being said, there are certain brands that are considered luxurious. They have been in the game for decades and have a good reputation. They are appreciated and trusted and that influences their price. When a single cigar costs a hundred dollars, it cannot be bad. You may not like it, but the quality is certainly among the best available.

The Label and Ingredients

It certainly helps to educate yourself on the types of cigars, tobacco varieties, and the paper used to roll the cigars. Once you know all of this, you will be able to read the labels and get all the information you need to figure out whether or not the cigar is of good or bad quality based on the information on the box. You will be your own expert and nobody will be able to persuade you in something that is not true. Reading the lists of ingredients and the nutrition values of products is important in the modern world. They are available right on the packaging so there is no reason not to do it. There are also many fake products out there and dishonest people looking to take advantage of you. Protect yourself and learn a thing or two about things important to you.