TOEIC test preparation material: Developing Skills book for the TOEIC Test (latest updated edition, with 03 CDs) helps intermediate level students to practice their skills in order to prepare for the TOEIC test by practicing various forms Questions, vocabulary, grammar and common question structures in the TOEIC test.

If you are looking for quality TOEIC exam preparation material, the Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test Book is a great choice for you to take the exam closest to the real TOEIC test.

Which lever should use Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test

Developing Skills for the TOEIC
Developing Skills for the TOEIC

At the beginning of exam preparation, you are often quite confused when you do not know what basic grammar and vocabulary to learn first. Using a lot of books makes you feel overwhelmed by the knowledge and does not understand the content of the focus. This is a basic grammar book with basic levers from 0 to 350 which helps to synthesize the basic knowledge commonly used in exams, to help you study the exam more effectively.

This is a book for those who are losing their original English or have leveraged from 350 to 550 or want to continue conquering new heights of TOEIC. The vocabulary system is arranged according to topics suitable for new students to learn English, so you can easily understand without worrying about “cramming” knowledge offline.

What will you get through this TOEIC BOOK?

Every practice in the Developing Skills for the TOEIC Test is supplemented with a short practice section in each of the book’s thematic units, compiled according to the same format and structure of the actual test. With 14 topics familiar with the latest TOEIC titles, you can practice vocabulary more easily. Each lesson focuses on different grammar points with different types of exercises. When practicing this book, you will consolidate your knowledge and discover your love points to overcome.

This TOEIC exam preparation material also provides a test for each model, which helps candidates understand what they need to do for the real exam. In addition to the Answer key and Transcript sections, the book also has an appendix, which will help you reinforce the key grammar points you have learned.

WIKI STUDY ENGLISH hope this book will help you familiarize yourself with the TOEIC test format effectively.

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