Download Full Set of TACTICS FOR LISTENING – Listening Practice Books for all Level

If you are starting to learn English and haven’t found a consistent listening path, Tactics for Listening is the book you need. The book is designed from basic to advanced with the highest level Tactics for Listening Expanding to help you reach the 800+ TOEIC taget.

The book is divided into three books from basic to advanced, suitable for the following subjects:

➨ Basic: Basic book for beginners from 0 – 350+ TOEIC

➨ Developing: Books for intermediate level students from 350 – 750+ TOEIC

➨ Expanding: A book for those who are more advanced than 750+

For each volume, the author designs lessons according to difficult standards to help you practice on your own. This is a general listening practice book, not a TOEIC test set, but the lessons in the book are written according to the subject so you can synthesize knowledge of both vocabulary and grammar needed in the popular topics.

What will you learn from Tactics for TOEIC?
This TOEIC exam preparation material includes a tip for taking the TOEIC test, a language development activity that helps students prepare for the TOEIC exam.

In this series, each level you will learn 24 lessons, each describing a topic related to everyday life and experiences in human life. This book is suitable for all who want to learn English communication from beginner to advanced. Each book in this series will be for different audiences, with different content and usage. However, the general advantages of the series are:

➨ Books divided by level, easy to learn and practice

➨The exercises are short to long, with tapescript answers to check at the end of the book, helping you check the lesson.

➨ Beautiful, easy-to-understand color illustrations.

➨ Have enough Audio to practice listening daily.

1. Basic Tactics for Listening

Basic Tactics for Listening
Basic Tactics for Listening

This is the first basic book as the name implies. Books provide you with:

➨ The book includes 24 units with small lessons on the main topic

➨ Familiar topics in the article such as Name, Spelling, Family, People, Clothes, Time, Dates …

➨ Listening lessons is quite easy, to help you familiarize yourself with the speed of listening, types of tones. The vocabulary in this book is very familiar in the TOEIC Part 1 + 2 test

➢LINK DOWNLOAD Basic Tactics for Listening Ebook + Audio CD:

Ebook: HERE
Audio: HERE

2. Developing Tactics for Listening

Developing Tactics for Listening
Developing Tactics for Listening

➨ The book is for you to develop skills to listen to sentences and longer paragraphs, more complex.

➨ Longer questions and grammar are pushed to be more complex, forcing you to listen and fill in the grammar correctly.

➨ Topics: The weekend, City Transportation, renting a car …

➢LINK DOWNLOAD Developing Tactics for Listening Ebook + Audio

Ebook: HERE
Audio: HERE

3. Expaning Tactics for Listening

Expanding Tactics for Listening
Expanding Tactics for Listening

➨ Listening book design more complex. The dialogue, monologue long and informative.

➨ The exercise provided also gradually increases, requiring you to listen carefully to find the answer

➨ Listening to more snares appears, making it easier for you to answer incorrectly if not careful.

➨ Common topics: Part-time jobs, Sucessfull Businesses, Gadgets and Machines, Character Traits …

In fact, these three English listening practice books are not too difficult for you to study. As long as you try to listen everyday, it will be easy to get used to the way of listening and practicing your own ears very well.

➢LINK DOWNLOAD Expaning Tactics for Listening Ebook + Audio

Ebook: HERE
Audio: HERE

When using this material, you should pronounce it on the disc so you can improve your listening and speaking skills. Also, remember to note the highlighted phrases in the lesson, the phrases that appear often and most importantly, have to practice regularly every day for the best results.