Dr. Sebi Net Worth – 2024


Alfredo Darrington Bowman was prominently known as Dr. Sebi. He was also known as a Honduran self-broadcasted cultivator and healer. Dr. Sebi was self-taught, he was not a clinical expert nor did he have a Ph.D. His dubious medical advantages, for example, treating AIDs, leukemia are appreciated by all.

About Dr. Sebi

Dr. Sebi was a healer who practiced in the United States of America during the late twentieth century and early-twenty-first century. He has expressed concern to treat practically everyone from the sicknesses with an appropriate vegetarian diet and normal herb relying upon various pseudo-logical affirmations; he dismissed that HIV was the root of AIDs. He was also known to build up a well-being community in Honduras to extend the training to Los Angeles and New York.

Early Life And Career

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Bowman was brought into the world in Ilanga, Honduras, in 1933. His grandma told him about herbs and how they can help in recuperating human bodies and some old conventional practices. He called himself an “African living in Honduras” and not an “African Honduran”, where he set up his acts of mending.

He built a technique called “African Bioelectric cell food treatment” and also announced that doing so can surely treat various illnesses which include AIDS, and Cancer, an assortment of persistent illnesses as well as physiological issues. He likewise made some natural items that depended on his work. He was married twice in his life and had 17 biological children.

Comparable proclamations incited a 1993 claim, which eventually brought about the court requesting Dr. Sebi’s association to quit creating these bogus cases. He died in August 2016 due to complications of pneumonia.

What Was Dr. Sebi’s Diet?

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Dr. Sebi has created a plant-based eating regimen which was likewise called Dr. Sebi antacid eating routine. It is said to revive human cells by eliminating the risky squanders from your circulation system simply by alkalizing them.

His two-part harmony was specially founded on burning through a set number of approved food things just as various sorts of enhancements.

Bowman believed that the cutting edge way to deal with any sickness was ineffective and had no impact. He solidly accepts that the infections are normally brought about by bodily fluid and corrosiveness, rather than infections and destructive microorganisms.

His eating routine commenced on the possibility that the infection could just be supported in Alkaline condition. The eating regimen objective is to arrive at a specific antacid stage inside the body to keep away from or dispense with illnesses.

Net Worth

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The main site of Dr. Sebi’s diet manages to sell herbal remedies and detox the body. Several of his treatments were known as African Bio-mineral balance supplements medicines that cost $1,500 per package.

His net worth of 2024 was $0.8 million and for 2024 was $1 million. He has a huge number of followers in real life; more than 30.7 K followers in social media followed by Twitter and other platforms. He made a good income with his works that are estimated at $3000 every day.