How To Dry Your Carpet After Cleaning – 2024 Guide

We cannot remember a single person from our close environment who likes cleaning carpets, can you? We know that maintaining a clean home requires both time and volition, at least when you want to clean your house the proper way, but we definitely find cleaning carpets to be one of the most strenuous chores ever. Since cleaning is just a part of the job, read our 2024 guide on how to dry your carpet after doing the hard work.


Hanging your carpet as you might do with your regular laundry might do the trick just fine! The only catch is that your line can hold your carpet for enough time for it to dry out. The point is that you expose your carpet to a constant airflow, so any surplus water might evaporate more rapidly. Another good thing about hanging it is that a large amount of water will leak out of it as soon as you put the clips on. Just make sure you wait until your carpet is perfectly dry, since taking it back in with some water left might be a prelude to another carpet cleaning in a few days, due to the smelly aftereffect potential mold might produce.

Towels and Old Cloths

If you do not have a place to hang your wet carpet, you might consider using old cloths and towels as an alternative. What we suggest you do is simply spread them all around your moist carpet and wait for them to absorb as much liquid as possible. Naturally, once the cloths get soaked, squeeze them well until they lose as much liquid as possible and repeat the process until you are happy with the results. Even though it is a bit more time-consuming technique than hanging, it can still help you deal with a wet rug without sufficient effort. Now, at Carpet Cleaning Dublin, you might find additional info on how to handle a wet carpet in the last demanding fashion, or how to clean it without breaking a sweat.

Fan Support


Even though using a fan to dry your wet carpet out might sound ridiculous to some, it is a valid technique you might use to speed up the process. When compared to using old towels, we claim it is a much more sophisticated process in general, but you can even combine the two techniques for the most optimal results. Fans blow either hot or cold air and simulate the wind, which is exactly what you need to treat your wet rug and save it from becoming a home to mold. Unfortunately, fans do tend to overheat when used for a substantial amount of time, thus, we warn you to be careful and rest your carpet drying device when you notice its temperature has risen.

Window Drying


In case none of the aforementioned methods suits you, we advise you use a wide window, the one where your wet carpet can sit for hours until it dries out. The best possible solution would be to target a window directly exposed to sunlight since both fresh air and sunbeams should speed up the drying process. After you notice the carpet is good to go, simply place it in its spot and enjoy it until the next carpet cleaning session.

Even though both cleaning and drying your carpet afterward are not easy tasks, we hope that our suggestions will make your job at least a bit easier than before. Thus, either combine the aforementioned techniques or choose one, the choice is yours!