Can You Put Ugg Boots in the Washing Machine

One thing that is important in the cold months is to have a proper shoe to keep your feet warm. However, there is another thing that many people look at when choosing, and that is the style that the footwear offers, and they use it as a way to look stylish. One of these options is the Ugg boots, they look comfortable, and they will keep you warm. In addition, many of your friends are having them so you will feel well, having company with you.

An important thing for every type of footwear is to take care of them because having them beat up does not look good, and they will not last as long as they should.


Since they are not the same as the other types of boots, they are not as rigid, you will have to be careful when keeping them clean because you can ruin them easily. They can become soft and limp and you will not feel confident having them on your feet in that shape.

For the purpose of having them clean, while keeping their shape, we made this article to make things clear and see if you should put these boots in the washing machine.

You should not machine clean them


The instructions that were given by the producers of these footwear brands are clear and they say that you should not use the machine for cleaning purposes. However, there are people who share their experiences that they used machine cleaning and the results were great. They did it in a way that it reduces all the things that can happen badly so the method is following.

Ugg boots are put in a special bag for cleaning. Ugg boots can be inserted with a couple of fabrics, whether clothes or something else. The cleaning product has to be soft so it does not damage the materials. They use cold water and slow-moving spins to prevent hitting the edges. When it is finished, you should place them somewhere so they can dry on their own, and they should look great.

How to do it instead


To follow the instructions that the company who produces ugg bootswas given, you should maintain them in a different method. That can be done manually, because you can be more precise, and you can adjust the sensitivity enough not to damage the materials around.

The way you can do that is to simply make them wet, find a cleaning product that is good enough for materials like these and get a soft brush so you can rub but not make damages to the material. Use mild water, apply the solution and wait for a while, then scrub the whole boot with sensitive movements in slow-motion so you make sure that it will be perfect.

After that, you should wash away the cleaning product and make sure that there is nothing left on the boot. You let them dry on their own, and don’t expose them to direct sun so they don’t harden. The results will be shown quickly and you will be able to wear them again with confidence, feeling good about yourself.