Andrew Santino Net Worth – 2024

Andrew Santino is an American comedian and podcast artist who appears on various platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, among others. He has a good fan base and regularly promotes his social media page. He is currently 37 years of age. He has appeared on notable television series like “Mixology”, “Sin City Saints”, and “ The Disaster Artist”

About Andrew


He was born on the 16th of October in the year 1986 in Chicago, Illinois. His nationality is American but there is no information regarding his ethnicity. He is an introverted person and therefore, does not share private, personal information about his schooling or parents. However, he attended Arizona State University.

Early Life And Family

He is a private person and does not share too many details about himself. There is not much about his love life or his background. However, there are rumors that he may be gay, but there is no confirmation regarding this. He hardly reacts to rumors about him and if he does they are witty remarks. But you will find his childhood pictures on his social media and he looks very adorable in them.

His Career And Major Milestones

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His works are top ranking and very popular on Comedy Central. He has worked in multiple television series and movies. He has even worked as a producer for Who Gets The Last Laugh? He was a part of Here’s The Rub, where he both acted and was the executive producer.

He was a part of HBO, and Netflix, and did his comedy special too in the month of June. His most popular role in comedy central got him an opportunity in How I Met Your Dad, a pilot episode. He kept on coming back for the NBC drama ‘This Is Us’, and was the producer of The Manny which was a fantasy sitcom. He was popular for playing the character of Bruce in Mixology.

A Few Things That You Didn’t Know About Andrew Santino

Did you know that Andrew Santino uses ‘Cheeto’ as his nickname? Any guesses why? Well, it is not because he loves a cheetah or he resembles an animal in any sort of way. It is a nickname given to him by his friend. The reason being that he has orange hair on his face, legs. His friend thinks that it looks quite nasty, it seems as if he has eaten a packet of Cheetos and wiped his hands on his legs.

So as you can guess it is after the snack brand Cheetos. His favorite dish is Italian beef and he would not think twice about driving up to anywhere for good food.

Net Worth

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He has an estimated net worth between one to five million. Most of his earnings are from his major roles as a comedian and his productions which earned his money and popularity. He earns from his shows, series, and podcasts. Moreover, he is one of the top ten featured comics on Comic Central.