Are E-Bikes Good For Long-Distance Touring?

If you’re thinking about purchasing an E-bike, you might be wondering whether or not you’ll be able to use it for long-distance touring. To solve this dilemma right away, yes, you’ll be able to use it for traveling long distances, however, in order for it to do so, you’ll have to consider several factors before making a purchase. To help you choose a suitable E-bike for long-distance touring, here is a list of factors that you must consider:

1. Firstly, Learn What The Speed Limits Are


The first thing that you should know is that there are speed limits for E-bikes in every country, hence, before making a purchase, make sure that you know what those limits are. Also, different models will offer different speeds, which means that some might reach a speed of 30mph, while others could reach 50mph. By learning the speed limits, you’ll be able to choose an E-bike that’s suitable for your needs.

2. You Must Look at The Range

Besides the aforementioned factor, another important thing that you must consider is the range of specific models. The range is the distance that it can travel before you need to recharge its battery. This will depend on a wide array of characteristics including the motor type, battery capacity, and of course, on what terrain you’ll be riding the bike. Because of this, you should plan the itinerary first and then look for a model that’ll provide you with the best range.

3. The Battery Specifications Are Crucial


The size of the battery will determine how long you could ride it before you need to charge it. Now, you could opt for a powerful battery, however, if you do, the downside of it will be that it’ll charge slower and it’ll be quite heavy, meaning that you could have some difficulties if you’re, for instance, going up a hill. Thus, it might be better if you opt for something smaller and between 300 to 500 watts. Also, purchasing an additional battery can help you ride the bike longer.

4. The Terrain You’ll Use it For

If you’ll be using the bike in urban environments, you should know that any city E-bike will be suitable for this. However, if you’re planning on using it in nature and on rough terrains, you’ll have to think carefully about the model you’ll opt for. The wheels are the most important thing to consider in this case, but you must also consider the motor it features, which leads us to the next, and last point in this article…

5. Look at The Size of The Motor


The last thing that you’ll have to consider is the size and shape of the motor. Something mid-size is completely efficient and reliable, however, it’ll be heavier. Hub-drive options are more frequent and powerful, but, they could end up making it difficult for you to handle the bike. Because of this, you might consider front hub-drive engines, especially since they’re more flexible than the other options on the market.


If you want to use an E-bike for traveling long distances, the factors we’ve mentioned above are crucial. By considering all the features we’ve mentioned, you won’t only ensure that you can use the bike for commuting long distances, but you’ll also ensure that you can control it without any hindrances. Since you now know what you’ll have to consider, don’t lose time, instead, start looking for an E-bike that’ll suit your needs!